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  1. New Multilanguage version with working IR-port and LE-camera here: http://bbs.ydss.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=921578 bug: camera crashed with FullHD video recording. 4k and HD (720p) recording well.
  2. https://mega.nz/#!gFhwhbKD!BcwEKbYR63r2DL-kg-pL4uzjHT8NfEvf2DdXBsVN4D4
  3. Yes, official modem is same from 4pda. Modem p81 (18.05.2017)
  4. official OTA update 544 Mb Google Drive How to update official 23s to 26s from TWRP: - If you install 23s and SuperSU from TWRP, please install official 23s again without wipes, and install this update-patch 5.9.026S_sta.zip without wipes too. - If after install this patch phone will restart, go to TWRP again (press POWER+ Volume Up) - Install SuperSU from TWRP. - Swipe to Disable stock recovery replace . - Reboot to system.
  5. Available official 26s stable in OTA updater. On official site not yet.
  6. https://mega.nz/#!PYA0BRSY!7XVqfifpzahp5Uc_Xs7Wjz1nQIjA71Uu6ZPQvLCq9K0
  7. 【04.01】Le2-737D http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-816563-1-1.html Download from MEGA (You can create a new topic for this version if you want.)
  8. With xposed and FlatStyleBarPro.apk - battery on top with %.
  9. Yes, root included: SuperSU 2.79
  10. After 11 hours, Wi-Fi is turn on. Battery from 100% to 94%
  11. If after installation and log in Google will freeze, wait, let will sync.
  12. Let me introduce my version of A.O.S.P. 3-in-1. Source: 1: [ROM] [cofface]RedMi Note 4 AOSP ROM 2: AOSP ROM 6.0 MTK Mod by hoangnguyen 3: [MTK X20 ROM] [刷机包] 【全网首发】乐视2/Pro AOSP原生系统 不仅仅流畅 7/2/28 ycjeson I took the kernel of ycjeson with new apps and without bloatware. Gapps pico included. Too many screenshots: Download from GOOGLE DRIVE (1 gb) Working Xposed: XposedInstaller_by_dvdandroid_26_11_16.apk Xposed Modules: FlatStyleBarPro.apk GravityBox.apk
  13. Settings - System apps - Messaging. and turn off "Use GSM alphabet"