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  1. Did you flashed the SuperSU zip file with twrp? Did you do wipe caches at the end of flashing and reboot? I have done so, no problem at all... EDIT: have you flashed the SuperSU zip in the folder Eui 5.8 beta for X500, of course!
  2. Dolby Atmos selected in your images. That's good. EDIT: the app opens itself through the widget
  3. Yes, thanks to Dolby Atmos technology implementation, as I wrote some posts before. We have Dolby Atmos as Le2, good news! ;-)
  4. Yes
  5. You can find all here in my Google drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7TM9ZV6rZu6LXdzTHZSdXEteUk
  6. Flash twrp, flash SuperSU, reboot. That's all, phone rooted.
  7. First battery cycle, 3h30" sot, not bad considering the mix of wifi and 4g use. Battery consumption in standby time better than before, very interesting the functions in the Super Manager app according to the statements of Marshmallow 6.0. Dolby Atmos in the settings menu, very good, no need to flash any zip for installing it. It's a beta, but I'm satisfied. Reflashed the twrp recovery, I've rooted the phone and uninstalled all the unused Chinese apps with System Uninstaller app. Now I'm curious about the battery consumption. :-)
  8. I'm from Italy Tim and 3 are working perfectly too.
  9. At a first look it's seems a little bit quicker on focusing, but menu, settings, option, filters are the same. Better photo in low light conditions, yesterday night I've tried some shots, only first impressions of course.
  10. You don't have Letv 1s, I'm right? Are you using Le2? The ROM is the same for both or?
  11. That sounds very good to my ears... Thanks
  12. I can't imagine about it, but this is the right Street in my opinion. Lollipop on Letv devices was not perfectly suited, no doubt. Now it's all another music :-)
  13. Completely agreed, the development and improvement from 5.0 to 6.0 is very BIG ;-)
  14. First impressions: - better GPS - better wifi signal and connection - most of the apps are in English, super manager is completely in English, many options more for battery consumption settings - Marshmallow pay more attention to app permissions and security; there's the new Google account settings menu, new option in power off option during night and weekend - new wallpapers, new theme and a new theme store on line - system seems more stable and fluid, randomly FC only in setting clock and calendar, second attempt good - good battery consumption. With Google installer apk no problems about setting and installing Google account and play store. Recommended.
  15. I don't think, because this is the thread for Letv 1s, the update.zip is suited only for 1s. You have to search about Le2 thread. :-) EDIT: the wifi connection and power of signal is really better than Lollipop ROM.