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  1. I have a back cover but it's always making my screen cover lift, I'm gonna take off my screen cover. thanks for your replys.
  2. I know this isn't the right place to post this but in the discussion part of the forum no one reply Does anyone uses the phone without the screen protector? Does the screen scratches easy?
  3. Does anyone uses the phone without the screen protector? Does the screen scratches easy?
  4. is this the one? I give up changing to miui rom a while ago but I really like miui. No bugs?
  5. In MIUI there is no problems with notifications. The eui cam app it's very good. It's included in this ROM?
  6. I've notice that on the beta versions, the disable background data trick doesn't work on 20S you still get delayed notifications on whatsapp and gmail. I'll stick to 17S with the background data trick, it's all working very nice.
  7. It's out, the full version is on http://bbs.le.com//zt/eui/index.html
  8. Any issues with gmail notifications on the closed ROM? I notice gmail notification problems in the first version
  9. MULTI

    I use bb72 17S ROM in this ROM I don't have notification issues and good battery live. I only have to put the applications as system to have on time notifications
  10. MULTI

    Try another rom, my phone is turn on at 10 hours with many phonecall with 3g and wifi always on, I use wapp (whatsapp) and gmail alot and I still have 75% battery left
  11. I dont have a problem with EN but when the rom is faulty I waist alot of time for nothing, most of miui rom fault with google framework. Did you test that rom for everything?
  12. Did you try this ROM? I'm gonna try this and If it sucks I gonna install a eui rom
  13. In 20S I'm experience delays in gmail app, the notifications dont arrive until I open the app. I really like miui but most rom dont work properly