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  1. Hello, I would like a help in installing rom, I did the installation, but when the system starts I get an error message that does not allow me to make the startup settings. The message that appears is: unfortunately com.android... has stopped.
  2. Can install with bb72 twrp? The screen colors are normal, or do I need to calibrate with third-party applications?
  3. MULTI

    Hello, my phone is not communicating with the computer via USB MTP, only through the PTP camera mode. I have this rom installed, how can I solve this?
  4. Hello, I'm thinking of installing this rom, I wonder if it has problems with the colors displayed on the screen and with the camera.
  5. I followed the tutorial the following link: http://www.letv.re/topic/938-how-to-install-stock-rom/ I wanted to install the rom stock, but after installing it via TWRP the phone is on the boot screen, does not load the system. Showing only the message: Orange State your device Has Been unlocked and can not be trusted, your device will boot in 5 seconds Previously I had installed a custom rom BB72 17s. I've tried also to blocking the bootloader, but without success.
  6. I wonder what the problem of rom stock that people do not use. I'm thinking of installing a stock rom do not want to use rom with root What are the cons that you recommend me not to use a stock rom?
  7. MULTI

    Hello, I would like to help, just install this rom and am having problems with Dialer. When I get the links does not show the name or number of the caller, making it difficult for me to answer