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  1. AOSP

    Back to Kangburras Rom does anyone recognice, that the clock alarm rings between 3 and 5 minutes to late? I use original google clock
  2. AOSP

    Did you choose ARM 64 and Marshmallow 6.0 ?
  3. AOSP

    Download, boot in recovery, install
  4. AOSP

    Change to 5 ghz, then it works
  5. AOSP

    I ve made a clean install, wipe everything. But ebay wont work. But really, is it necessary? i Think no. But there is something else. I use Chrome Browser, and when i try to play a video, "System UI" ending, phone goes to Lockscreen. With another browser it works.
  6. AOSP

    Ebay doesnt work, no Xposed installed. Banking App OK. Perhaps ebay doesnt like root since last update?
  7. AOSP

    Nice, with Recently App i dont need Xposed, so all Apps are running correctly. Thank You
  8. AOSP

    Upps, again Ebay App doesnt work.....doesnt accept me. Dont know why, after install rom it works.....perhaps xposed might be the reason. Banking App doesnt like xposed too ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes its Xposed. Without Xposed Framework and App i can login
  9. AOSP

    Now i use this rom for several days, and its really fine work. Best custom rom for this phone, and i tried all. But there is a little thing. I shut down wifi and mobile data in the night, and in the morning wifi is on. How can that be? Perhaps by an app, but i use always the same apps, and no other rom changed wifi by itself. Nice eastern to all of you
  10. Thank you all. With your help i could repair red light hardbrick at the phone of a friend. He did Fastboot reboot. It was really hard work :-)
  11. AOSP

    Try to disable Developer.
  12. AOSP

    With V138 eBay works. Dream epg may be my fault,