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  1. I tried a backup with another TWRP, but still the same bug. No Settings, no notification bar. Sorry, nice Rom, but without possibility doing a backup no rom for me. :(
  2. I did so, install by detailed instructions. No backup possible? Will try it tomorrow night with another twrp. Must work..... :-)
  3. There is a bug, i never had at any Rom. I made a backup with Twrp. Then i restored 26s. Everything ok. Today i wiped dalvik, System and data and restored this Rom backup. The notification bar is away, the system settings are away, no System Icon anymore. Left button for last used apps doesnt work. I did this two times, always the same bugs. .
  4. Instalado, la primera impresión fantástica :-) First install, very very nice Many Thanks
  5. https://mega.nz/#!VN0ySYRY!ZMmoXJ9S5fDIhvichqwjht8yjsl9cImxxPtEYzwJ-b0 Try this one
  6. Try to reinstall Google installer. Then restart to recovery and wipe dalvik cache. For me it helps. 26s works fine
  7. Google Play sometimes crashes, new Installation doesnt help
  8. yigitcan97, best work, thank you. Only wiped system, installed your rom, no verífy encrypt and supersu at last. Everything works fine :)
  9. AOSP

    For me ist all the same, if battery runs one hour more or not. Im using QI charging. When not in use, phone is loading. Tho whole Rom should work fine, and thats what it does.
  10. AOSP

    Ringing too late isnt gentle