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  1. AOSP

    VPN does not work...
  2. Android 7

    Waiting for download.... :-)
  3. Android 7

    Thanks, thats what i need
  4. Android 7

    What about Bluetooth, clients are saved or do i have to pair again every time?
  5. Android 7

    Try this, iam in holliday and wont test it. Toggle
  6. Lineage

    Now i installed and tested this rom. I am very surprised, how perfect it runs meanwhile. Bluetooth stable an works very fine. Cam 21 Mp Every of my apps runs GPS very fast Antutu Points 82402, 3D 15982, UX 32386, CPU 26659, Ram 7375 with 93 installed apps. man that doesnt reach stock 26s Graineeg, thats really best work Thank you :-)
  7. Android 7

    Hello Graineeg I tried nearly every rom here, but yours is the one and only where Bluetooth works perfectly. I hope so much, you will get solution for cam. Is there something in sight?
  8. Try AOSP SMS App from playstore, it works. You must change the new sms app to Standard app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.slvn.mms&hl=de
  9. Android 7

    Now i testet it several hours. Very nice. Sim Cards detectet after reboot. Runs very smooth. Hope you will find solution for cam too :-) Thanks for this rom
  10. Android 7

    One morel Screenshot
  11. Android 7

    Now stop testing, going to sleep. Will try another day
  12. Android 7

    Sim doesnt work too, no telefon