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  1. ok merci.....where I could find the multilanguage pack?
  2. Hi where I could find the aa 20s by Spzjulien ....I have his LightFW Extra powrsave 18s
  3. Thank you so much.... Where I find it.... Twrp and root zip?
  4. Good evening I'll lose root and twrp with this rom, correct? Thank
  5. Stock

    Hi all Just to understand....if I install this rom official then I must install TWRP again and root with supersu? Flashing TWRP with flashfy the supersu with twrp? Gapps?
  6. Thanks so much you are so nice I appreciate your help
  7. Sorry again for bored you, but the mega link not working
  8. Great thanks so much. So now works fine with x900 also fingerprint
  9. Great I'm not able to download the ROM. Thanks
  10. Hi allt This means that x900 work is not rooted?
  11. Hi all So this means that x900 work with only 4? I'm dummy where is tutorial apps and tools?
  12. Okay Julien thanks again so much ....Great power safe ROM
  13. Okay thanks But I've this below (no it's correct) Thanks
  14. Hello Julien Fantastic room as always.I'm passed from light 18s as below info...But I've this problem....So error on ora update ROM because system recognise le 1pro , what I can do? Thanks
  15. But is functional for x900? Also fingerprint? Tkhs