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  1. Not only one chance. Some tryed to make other firmwares, but those are not working good. Only the Android 5 is a solution because of missing the source code needed for new kernel. This forum (le1 pro us) is almost dead. Use your phone as long as it works, or sale.
  2. Bossie, Bossie... :-D
  3. Do you install with twrp? It works? Do you have the download link?
  4. Whitch rom? From aurel? Do it works 4g? Or the modified original?
  5. Works this rom on us version, or only cn? I can!t find the answer in this topic.
  6. Do you tryed this?: https://forum.xda-developers.com/leeco-le1-pro/help/clean-rom-letv-usa-x800-t3417863 Look at Chrisbal's comment
  7. Peixeiro! The ir app is cool, works good with every remote. It can learn the functions after you create your remote.
  8. Wow! 5.8… This is... I don't know what it is. The official is 5.5.011S, made by leeco. Original rom. You didn't try what I suggest.
  9. Do you tryed the official rom with the changes made by chrisbal? You can install with twrp. Everything works fine, sensors, camera, wifi etc. Language is a little poor, but with chrisbal multi zip (install after rom, separatetly), it is 80% translated.
  10. MULTI

    Hi. I think aurel works no more on le1 pro.
  11. At aliexpress, 39 euro. It takes 3-4 weeks to became it, it is a little bit long, but you had to pay only for display, transport is free.
  12. I didn't find a service to change my x800 display, so I made it myself.
  13. Done. How? Here: Phone not to be connected to PC. Qualcomm Drivers install on Windows PC. Download the x1_na_dvt1_fastboot and unzip, unrar etc. Start Qfil program, witch was installed with Qualcomm Drivers. Press on phone (with one hand) volume uo and volume down and power for 30- 40 seconds. With other hand connect phone to usb on PC. In Qfil it appears the Qualcomm device on pc port. Phone seemes to be off. Just continue. Than as original description, in Qfil: select "Flat Build" (no Media Build) , from "Browse.. " select from folder "x1_na_dvt1_fastboot" the file "prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn" from "Load xml" ,select "rawprogram_unsparse.xml" and then "patch0.xml" press "download" ...... and when finished , press buttons "power" for a long time for open your phone
  14. Need help. Got my phone bricked. It is no reaction at buttons, no power volume up or down. Screen is black, phone stays off.