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  1. Hi, Bossie12, the Peel app is good, but work with wifi. Don't work for old TVs or other IR electronics. Janos, the stock Remote Control app works good, but when I try the version 3.0 of the same app, I see that support more TVs brands and other electronics. Also, to be perfect must have an option to backup custom remotes. I spent many time to copy 4 remotes, and backup-it with app MyBackup PRO (apk + data) but when I change ROM or do wipe, the restore from MyBackup Pro don't restore my custom remotes.
  2. Hi, I have one X800 US Version, with stock IR Remote control app. This work ok, but it is very limited and do not support many TVs available in Europen nether backup of custom remotes. I try install the newer version of Remote apk from ROM (Flyme OS for x800 US by aurel), where the APK have the name LetvRemoteControl_preinstall.apk with the version 3.0. The App install correctly, but the IR don't work. The app say "not initialized correctly". I try another apk from a stock rom to CN version (20s) but the app give-me an error when try to install. There are any apk that work with this phone, and IR blaster with more options than the LeEco remote control version 1.5 (original in X800 US rom)?
  3. Where you buy the screen? I have a lite crash on mine...
  4. Big thank you for the effort!!! Do you have paypal? I offer a bear to continue developing...