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  1. very stable and reliable rom! what kind of software is this; it seems interesting! Something like clean master.. In english? edit.: king master ?
  2. What kind of logging problems? Something like this ? : Btw it seems excellent ROM! ☺
  3. A have exactly the same problem.. Any solution?
  4. probably the most comprehensive and functional ROM until this moment ..
  5. Is there any whay to add Leeco account on miui Rom ? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you! Is there any whay to install only miui camera on Eui rom ? I believe that the camera for 21mp is very poor.. thank you. ☺
  7. where are all these settings??! " ..- Built-in can be uninstalled through the advanced settings freeze • Shake custom• Status bar Advanced settings• Slide the status bar to adjust the brightness• Live a key lock screen• Increase the live advanced settings to replace .." etc..
  8. I think that in version 9.20(11.20) missing some settings in System Settings such as uninstall and freeze system apps , and some settings in launcher.. Testing..
  9. Is there any way to put the system in our country, only our country, not language, because applications such as More Local etc have the bug of rebooting the display; Some applications such as Google News need your country to have accurate information. Thanks!
  10. MULTI

    is there some issu with location services in this excellent rom? Some weather apps can't find my location in any way, even in google maps.. All location settings, are ON. edit: Only with the wifi on
  11. Goodmorning! Can i install google play services throw apk in this rom? I cant install Gapps throw TWRP in any way.. Thank you! :-)