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  1. Yes, here is what languages are in rom. You can enable more lang with "morelocal2"
  2. Hey guys! Here is my new rom for LE MAX 2 device. (x820/x821/x822 etc.) Heavy debloated, optimized for fast and battery friendly use. I got always 7+ hours of SOT. Its based on EUI 5.9.021S Very stable, ready to Daily use. I think its the best rom for battery..:) Features: - Deleted all of unused and bloat apps - Added adblock hosts file -> no more ads when you browsing - Added new thermal driver -> +5C° throttling - Reduced soft buttons brightness -> better battery - Added camera api 2 compatibility -> more function like manual focus or raw shoot with 3rd party app - Removed live icon from launcher -> no more chinese thing - Faster response and lower latency CPU -> faster user experiance and lower battery consumption - Faster fingerprint recognition -> 0,5 sec - Rooted and busyboxed -> supersu Download -> Mega! Only 1,14 GB Tip: Use USA régión and you can't see more chinese character Instructions: 0. Backup your current ROM 1. Download the "Small_EUI.5.9.021s_by;aurel.zip" file 2. Move to phone 3. Reboot the phone in recovery [TWRP] 4. Wipe: "Cache, Dalvik, Data" 5. Reboot -> Recovery 6. Install -> "Small_EUI.5.9.021s_by;aurel.zip" 7. Be patient. ca:3 mins to flashing, and its reboot automaticaly 8. Wait 5 mins to boot, and enjoy! If you like my work, feel free to donate me:P or paypal email -> aureeel@ymail.com ( yes, y! because its yahoo! )
  3. Guys, its an older version of this.. Its just tweak, the kernel is miss now. Use it as your own risk Download: http://d-h.st/vORQ
  4. You need a windows pc and adb drivers for your phone yet. Possible. Search the: Language enabler in play store. Maybe if you unzip the file and put system.img somwhere to your device and in twrp you switch from zip installer to img flasher and flash system.img. But i dont test this method, idk its works or not. Otherweise you need windows pc..:(
  5. This version in this topic is maded for 11S rom. But i have an another topic (better battety topic) wich kernel is works on another rom too ( same name, but different zip file! ) Thanks for feedback.
  6. Download the kernel zip again, because i updated it. Now its have earphone volume increase..:)
  7. Yes, in my freetime i work on this, but its not an easy job.
  8. . Interesting. Maybe its not work on CN model. If you see CPU-s in CPU-Z settings, what you see?
  9. Do you think all 1,96 Ghz cores are online, and all 1,56 Ghz is disabled? Here is your file: Jacquard idea CPU settings.zip Jacquard idea CPU settings.zip
  10. Yes, i know its not a new rom. But everything is work for me. Remote, LTE, DT2W, camera is perfect. I dont use bluetooth so idk how its work. Its my personaly favorite rom for this device. All of roms what i try, it is the most responsive and lagfree one. Antutu 90k+ Only one bug what i found: In clock app the world clock is FC. But its not a big deal.. Im use my Better Battery.zip so battery is excellent. 5,6 horus of SOT. No battery drain in night. Only 1℅ for me with my settings..Always on Wifi, GPS and Data...never use any of battery savings. Cheers
  11. I added a link in OP, flash this file, and its revert the original settings.
  12. Hy guys, its me again. I just surfed on the internet, and found a very good 'stock' rom for my Letv One Pro US . I just think i share with us. Its better than the original update.zip and all of cuoco92 rom too.. I just use it 2 days and everything is work well. Double tap is in the rom, find it in accessibility section. Here is a link for forum: 4PDA.ru and here 4PDA.ru If you dont wanna search, here is the download link: Drive or Mega.nz If your download is done, the password is: maks232723 1. You can now put the files somewhere on your desk. 2. Boot the phone in Fastboot mode ( push power and volume down key 30sec ) 3. In the unpacked folder click Flash.bat and follow the instructions. 4. Wait until it done, and the phone reboots. 5. Done. Enjoy and profit! If you wanna use my another project too, the Better kernel for x800 US is work on this rom too, you can get 5 hours of screen on time, with fast and smooth device. This is not my work. Every credits are for cheltemov on 4PDA.ru If you like my work, please donate me -> paypal: aureeel@ymail.com ( y! because its yahoo..:) ) Cheers - Aurel
  13. MULTI

    Hy guys! I made a flashable zip for REMOTE CONTROL You can download from attachment. I dont test it yet, but i think it is work perfectly. Please try, and reply how it works. Thanks IR Remote for CM12.1.zip
  14. MULTI

    I added this files to the rom: LeRemoteControl and UEIQuicksetSDKLeTV. You can find it in /System/app.