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  1. I agree with you for the c103, but if you have a c106 the best now is JUI, cuoco92 version (imho)
  2. Yasse, try to enshorten the path. I mean: move your directory in C directly, your path is too long. e.g. now: c:\user\windows 7\download\....\recovery\ then C:\recovery\ let us know, here or on telegram
  3. there are no new versions since 8 days, it's not so much time, I think its' quite normal since there are no bugs left, isn't it? If you are in the Telegram channel you can ask directly to cuoco92 (Alberto).
  4. no way to unlock bootloader, til now this is no possible! Please search before asking: this forum is full of this sentence! here on this pages you have all you need to do that!
  5. yes, thanks @zhoushiyi213, in the telegram channel on JUI modded some users posted yesterday this new xposed and for someone is working partially, we're now testing. Which modules you used with success? anywhere; it's inside vr10, if you want to extract from the .zip file is very simple!
  6. you're welcome, please use some guide on 4pda, it's actually possible to return to EUI. Otherwise you could try to install directly JUI stock, then JUI modded by cuoco... try to follow this
  7. ok, so you solved! Right? this is a problem, as said in the cuoco92's thread (and the main issue of that is you can't hear anything during call): you should start with transfer from EUI to JUI stock, then to JUI modded!! Now you should return to EUI and then repeat the passages: JUIstock with CDA -> JUI modded with TWRP
  8. have you changed scale size? because I think that's the problem.
  9. Hi Osama, so you still having the problem? I advised you to do some tests, what about 'em? Try to be more specific and give also the apk to modify I gave you.
  10. try to look in this forum, please @Lachrymistadvised to download Aroma installer HEREhttp://www.leeco.re/topic/2597-official-jui-rom-for-cool-1/?do=findComment&comment=34869 and it works perfectly for any Android
  11. I think 2 things: 1. you're completely Off Topic here 2. this phone is unbrickable Solutions: 1. Write in Help section in this forum and wait an answer there 2.See 1. HINT for next times: you should describe in a correct and complete way the problem, now we don't even know what is happening with your phone, just you tried so many things and in the end a strange usage with YDGP (never used it and never seen anywhere with qualcomm phone!)
  12. Well no! Unfortunately magisk modules don't work, it's a matter of nougat, they say... Even Xposed can't work, basing on my knowledge. Give it a try, as well, I strongly advise u.
  13. a link? it's everything on this forum!
  14. You're welcome! So it's case 2: follow the guide here or in Internet, everyone at the end solves it.
  15. A:you can access without a problem clicking here and being registered to telegram B: last rom is vr8, downloadable by OTA, from the app 2 questions to help to fix but i'm afraid there's a big problem here 1. which version you have? c106 or any other? because this rom is for c106, not for any other cool1 version 2. are you sure you intalled BEFORE every flash from TWRP the original stock JUI??? What you say is exactly what complain the users didn't do that!