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  1. Source Mega Link ###### Personal Update Description 20161223: * [Description] Shuangqing brush machine, pay attention to back up personal data * [Version] Based on the stable version of EUI5.9 020s to fully unpack the depth of development * [Permissions] Optimization SuperSU response prompt prompt speed. * [Authority] using the latest SUPERSU V2.79 version management software, and optimize the ROOT program, completely built-in ROOT more completely lost * 【Theme】 Theme fonts can be used free of charge (click on the trial options, and then enter the Settings - Application Management - find the "theme store" - forced to stop, you can long-term use.) * 【Modify】 Embedded Dk settings to the system settings option. And Dk settings to support the creation of desktop shortcuts * 【New】 New Dk settings Double-click the HOME button 18 kinds of multi-function options * [New] Add Dk set a key Brush function * [Rewrite] Rewrite Dk Set the application management code. Support multiple mode selection, left slide support freeze delete / uninstall * [Rewrite] Rewrite Dk Sets the WIFI viewer code. Support backup password. Restore the password. Long press to copy the password * [Desktop] multi-style desktop selection * [Replacement] most of the oil that I can not brush into the built-in MIUI, this time for a Rec * [LIVE] Added LIVE custom function. Open the goggles and deep clean the memory * [Optimization] Optimization Dk Set the first start response code * [Optimization] optimization of the king of the game Cpu frequency of glory code * 【NEW】 Double-click the HOME button 17 kinds of multi-function options. The default is off * [Optimization] optimized drop-down background custom code, repair restart lost * [Optimize] Optimize the pull-down brightness bar and optimize the pull-down shortcuts * [Optimization] Optimization of the bottom of the piece of black pull down things * [New] has built-in V4A APK, if necessary, please click on the driver can be installed * [Fix] Fixed a problem that can not be controlled by the screenshot * [Fix] New custom label double row selection. Support for customizing any EMOJI expression, as well as font size * [Optimize] Optimize caller flash Add 2 super metamorphosis frequencies * [New] Add a shortcut to clean up the desktop shortcut * [New] Add a key to clear the white list setting * 【Modify】 Modify the boot animation, if you do not like the following click on the switch * 【New】 Dk set to add LEUI official animation switch * [Optimization] Add the pure code goggles mode, no background operation. (Not the official blue eye and conflict) * [New] New Gaze Mode Create desktop shortcuts, optimize the gaze mode full-section layout, add the system brightness switch * [Description] Adds the split screen switch * 【Modify】 modify the default status bar time center layout, and DK settings three status bar heart switch. * [Update] Update Dk is set to version 7.0. And optimize most of the code * [Optimization] Add Busybox built into the XBIN partition * 【Optimization】 add kernel Init.d boot from the startup script support (no need to modify the permissions directly into the / system / etc / init.d restart) * [Optimization] new bar display code to support the adjustment of display style, display color, and the gradient effect * [Restore] Restore the Live function. Most of the oil is still needed, the use of the DK settings - commonly used page select Live operation - you can start Live * 【Repair】 Repair time or drop-down time to display the BUG * 【Features】 The official has optimized the gaming experience, measured the stability of the king of glory 28 to 30 frames without their own manual open core * 【Features】 new multi-screen assistant to support multi-function long-press 4 select optimization 6.0 clean up memory kill problem * 【Features】 New window animation zoom time and other custom adjustment 0.0X ~ 10.0X speed * 【Features】 new speed font size custom selection * [Features] Optimization status bar bar display inaccurate problem * 【Properties】 Optimize the status bar to display the phone temperature code and modify the default is off * 【New】 Add pull-down slider to adjust the brightness, support switch off * [Optimization] Optimize the pull-down shortcut key code, and in the pull-down slider above the brightness * [Optimization] to retain the official DEODEX, start more quickly * [Add] to add three status bar switch, arbitrary * [Modify] Rewrite the drop-down background custom support to modify the transparency * [Modify] Rewrite the drop-down background custom support to define the horizontal screen background * [New] Added lock screen operator switch control display or not * [New] The new status bar shows the phone temperature * 【Modify】 modify personal function "screenshot" for the official long shot interface. * [New] Xposed framework to create * 【Modify】 Adds the screen assistant shortcuts to create * 【Modify】 Optimize Dk Set one-key lock screen shortcut icon * [New] Add the status bar virtual key vibration feedback switch * 【New】 New status bar The top left corner of the virtual key support 14 kinds of functions, short press the default: HOME key, long press the default LeUI background tasks, vibration feedback: open * [New] Add the status bar The upper right corner of the virtual button supports 14 kinds of functions, short press Default: lock screen, long press Default: Power menu, vibration feedback: On * 【New】 Add double-click operation status bar to support 14 kinds of function choices. (Default off) * [New] Status bar Add sliding adjustment brightness, support switch control (default off) * [Add] to add shaking phone operation, support 13 kinds of function options (default off) * 【New】 Add the drop-down shortcut, and support the switch control display or not. * [New] Add a screen saver switch control * [Add] Add a Xposed frame a key switch. (The default turn off the required self-open switch to install) * [Optimize] Status bar time Added date display and supports several formats. * 【Optimization】 status bar time display seconds loss of function, do not show the seconds when the code is not running significantly seconds * [Optimization] personal add full-featured, power bar, time details, speed, shaking function, double-click the status bar, and so on code function loss. * [New] Add DK to set the core switch. * ROM with built-in software, we hope to support the authors use the network for a while and then use the RE manager to delete or self-processing, thank you #####More modifications include, but are not limited to, the items listed above. Very smooth ROM, many options @ DK Menu --> Trick for reading is using Google Translate(with Camera) with second smartphone/tablet -->you can read the Menu although its chinese! :-) Google is working fine(use google installer v2). For uninstalling unwanted apps use Root Uninstaller Pro(for me the best). Enjoy!!!
  2. Source Mega Link This ROM is very smooth and has very good battery life, you have a lot of nice settings!!! Le 2 + ProMTK x20 version Are you tired of MIUI? You can not stand MIUI's small bug Do you think about the brush machine Do you want to brush back to the official version of the change Then brush machine Brush Based on the latest official version of the stable 020 production, the code perfectly compatible with the adaptation, the use of embedded code and the original application and adaptation of advanced settings for individuality settings ROM Other modifications: ? Added 2017 Chinese New Year wallpaper ? Add drop-down Chinese display • Optimize power consumption ? Fix some minor bugs ? Add advanced settings to install a powerful Re-manager and all-powerful toolbox for everyone to choose no need to download ? Add the lock-up lunar display, add drop-down lunar display ? Optimize advanced settings Options are more beautiful ? The Net Speed ??Display (Steward - Flow Control - Flow Setting) is on ? to streamline the official a large number of useless software and resources, more memory more power ? Preservation of music video, music, search, search, compass, remote control, butler and other utility tools ? New performance mode selection (power-saving standby, daily use, high performance, performance mode) ? Mode 1: Power-saving Standby: CPU2 and CPU6 (10-core processing) are switched CPU0 and CPU4 are switched to powersave ? Mode 2: daily use: open CPU0 CPU2 CPU4 CPU6 and other core, and switch CPU0 and CPU4 operating mode ondemand ? Mode 3: High performance: Turn off temperature control and activate the CPU0-4 core, and set the CPU0 CPU4 operation mode to interactive ? Mode 4: Performance mode: Execute the relevant commands to release the temperature control and activate the relevant CPU0-CPU7 core and set the operating mode to performance ? joined the ten nuclear full load for ten nuclear models open full load ? Add the temperature control rewrite to lift the temperature control-related code, it is recommended to open the ten core full load before the start to lift the temperature control ? complex, simple because the status bar white can not see the time problem (this is 360os system and time setting code caused by the conflict) ? Add more shake custom content (open, camera, lock screen, return to the desktop, start the flashlight, turn on / off wifi, turn on / off screen auto brightness, turn on / off screen auto rotation) ? Add more status bar custom functions (open, camera, lock screen, return to desktop, start flashlight, turn on / off wifi, turn on / off screen auto brightness, turn on / off screen auto rotation) ? Optimize the Advanced Settings section ? Google framework is not installed by default, a small part of the Friends of the need for Google-based framework, please manually brush the Google framework like, in the advanced settings for management (download address below) ? Google card brush package download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eRLdTVO ? update the latest version of v4a sound, to ensure the smooth completion of the installation of the driver (brush machine run the root file mechanism, because the Andrews 6.0 root file installed by default in the data partition) ? V4A sound card brush package: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qX889ti ? to streamline the official a large number of useless software and resources, more memory more power ? Keep the video compass remote control house theme and other utility basic flavor experience ? Change: New Advanced Settings icon ? Add: Add a screen assistant to facilitate the base-friendly operation ? Add: Add a new view WIFI password code ? Add: View the WIFI password to support the copy account password ? adjustment: adjust the desktop sort, the desktop is more clean and beautiful and beautiful ? has been cracked Android installation package signature verification. ? Added status bar Time display position Support switch left Right change, middle or not display, Show upper / lower afternoon Support larger Smaller or no display, Show week Support larger Smaller or no display ? Add: red envelope assistant, fully in grab red envelope Optimization: Optimization Andrews 6.0 Root authority has been the response speed problem, it is now faster, more efficient ? Add: Add a new view WIFI password code ? Add: View the WIFI password to support the copy account password ? Upgrade: Upgrade the SUperSU Free file mechanism to v2.78 ? Join: Join the new advanced settings landscaping interface, thanks for support ? Added: game open mode, open the 360 ??ten-core processor (but will open the power consumption) ? Optimization: Depth optimization power saving mode ? Debugging: Re-set the relevant memory parameters ? Join: Freeze the system does not require the apk (pure code to freeze convenient, fast and effective) ? Debugging: memory control allocation, reduce memory footprint, to prevent cancer software transition memory footprint caused by the phenomenon of stuck ? debugging: the default to open the removal of temperature control, may cause ROM fever power consumption, etc., if you feel fever power serious, please go to Settings - personality settings - energy-saving assistant, find the high-temperature control, close it. ? Optimization: rearrange the desktop layout, brush the whole neat, clean. ? New: Add a new incoming flash code, rewrite the incoming flash service code, and discard the incoming call flash code to support incoming flash work, supporting switching from very slow - 5 different flash speeds between metamorphosis. ? Repair: Repair call flash service hangs up after the phone still continues to flash, only forced to restart the system BUG ? New: Disable Music Manager as the housekeeper switch, disable or disable the Music Manager as the housekeeper, and turn off using the Phone Manager (because some functions of the Phone Manager are really annoying.) ? Fix: re-adjust the DPI adjustment limit, limit 420-480, because the music as long as the DPI below 420 will cause the desktop icon does not display the problem This feature can assist your mobile phone in the lock screen when more than five minutes after the automatic cleaning of mobile phone memory, the release of mobile phone performance, automatic (Click to view full size picture), automatically unlock the memory, If you do not want your software to be cleaned out after the lock screen, please add the software to the clean-up white list, add the method: add the memory, Open background tasks, when there is a lock next to the software name is added to the white list) Debugging: removed the Build.prpo suspected limit the CPU core code ? Fix: Fix the hardware acceleration invalid bug that is enabled by default ? Optimization: Re-adjust memory-related parameters ? Personalization: ? New: (Shake the phone) Shake the phone function is turned off by default, shake the phone supports the following features: no operation, lock screen, return to the desktop). ? Add status bar: (Decompile the status bar, insert the following code, to achieve the following functions, and advanced settings can be related to the function of the switch) ? New status bar The power bar display supports switching the bar height and the bar color ? System strengthening: ? New (Screen Assistant) ? new (red envelope assistant) to automatically grab the red envelope support, QQ red envelope. Do not borrow any framework, the pure code automatically grab the micro-red envelope (currently known issues: grab the WeChat red envelope perfect no problem, grab QQ red envelopes will sometimes fail, the reason is QQ this cargo update too frequently, and related service compatibility is not very good ). ? New (night mode) is suitable for use when the phone is turned on at night, can reduce the blue light damage, down the screen brightness. ? New (DPI setting) Support manual input screen density DPI, manual input support between 220-480 values. ? Add (Freeze) to support the freezing of the system is not commonly used APP, freeze can reduce the system memory, CPU-related resources. (Do not point when the freezing point of software switches, direct point switch next to the software name, is not responsible for the work!). ? Added CPU core dynamic control ? New (Repair micro message flashback) This function is for those who use the micro-letter for the letter after the Xposed module led to the WeChat can not be opened to solve the problem. ? New (game mode) Turn on the game mode will force all CPU cores to wake up and run at high performance frequency (currently known as the eight-core full open method is to first power-saving assistant to open the liberation performance switch, and then restart the phone, Game mode can be) Optimize (to reduce the size of the Google framework) ? support for Google framework ? [Add] Adds the run mode to customize the multi-core performance adjustment ? ?New? added performance settings support adjustable CPU frequency, set the memory optimization, support open swap and ZRAM ? [New] Added advanced power supply to restart the system ? [New] Added advanced power supply reset to Brush mode ? [New] Added advanced power supply to boot mode ? [New] joined the application to hide (perfect hide their own applications) ? ?New? added SD card cleaning (start SD card cleaning) ? ?New? added Dolby sound (open Dolby sound) ? ?New? joined the python sound (start python sound) ? ?New? added the call recording function (turn on the phone after the automatic recording recording ? ?New? added the notification recording switch (after the completion of the notice column tips) ? ?Function? Advanced setting supports test mode ? [Function] Advanced setting supports clearing the application cache ? [Function] The advanced setting supports clearing the battery level information ? ?Description? love life is an attitude, brush machine is an experience ? ?Add? Add advanced settings will always show the "Developer Options", do not need to trouble in the version number of 5 in order to display ? [New] added advanced settings to view system information ? [Add] The advanced equipment model is added ? [New] added advanced version of Android ? [New] The system version number is added ? [New] added advanced settings Rom author ? [New] The advanced setting advanced date is added ? [New] Added advanced settings to contact the author ? [Description] more and more useful features are not introduced in the inside one by one ? ?Description? More features of the development and production, please look forward to " ? The new ROM than the previous version in addition to code upgrades, but also solve the fix fever, power consumption-related issues
  3. Source Mega Link Totally cleaned ROM(Size: 1.07GB) Please Wipe Data as well for better permission! Enjoy! Based on the latest EUI.5.9.20S Add full root privileges Remove redundant files Remove the system is not commonly used software Removes system updates Remove the music video Remove the music headlines Supports full float. Supports drawer type desktop The first boot in the boot guide interface can be set Support for HomeTime Support card type backstage Modify the LIVE to a key lock screen ------------------ Add a small set of functions as follows Add Xposed Added Viper sound Add advanced power Add a new call flash ---------------- Added support for busybox Add RE folder management Button shielding can be set in the auxiliary Only in the official basis for streamlining production. Retained a number of commonly used procedures is very suitable for long-term use