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Found 2 results

  1. C106-ZAXCNFN5801710251S-5.8.017S ML BB72 Modded release By BB72 of the last 17S EUI 5.8 BETA stock - Multi Language - Rooted - Gapp - Debloated - Swipe Up launcher gesture to directly access the Dialer - Live button to access Google search - Kernel patched to avoid force encrypt of userdata - Overall improvements INSTALLATION - Have installed working TWRP (you can find gude here ) - Copy COOL1_C106-ZAXCNFN5801710251S-5.8.017S_ML_BB72_r3.zip into phone internal memory - Perform 3 wipes: Wipe Data, Wipe Dalvik, Wipe Cache - Installl the rom zip - Reboot (first boot takes time...be patient!) NOTE - At first boot, after the Google account login, enter into Playstore app (Settings\Applications) and perform a wipe data of the Playstore - The encrypting removal fixes the display scaling to zoom value. In order to restore to normal value just proceed in this way: 1. Install from playstore Terminal Emulator 2. Type su and press enter then grant supersu popup permission 3. Type /system/bin/wm density 420 \n To restore the zoom value just use /system/bin/wm density 480 \n UPDATES Updated to Last BETA 17S of 29 Novembre 2016 COOL1_C106-ZAXCNFN5801711291S-5.8.017S_ML_BB72_r2.zip Updated to Last BETA 17S of 29 December 2016 COOL1_C106-ZAXCNFN5801712291S-5.8.017S_ML_BB72_r2.zip IF YOU LIKE MY WORK YOU CAN OFFER ME A BEER (PAYPAL)....THANKS IN ADVANCE! SCREENSHOOTS
  2. Hi. I want to help the translation of EUI for brazilian portuguese. I guess this phone will be well received here if it has this language option. How can i join the translation team? I can use english in order to translate the ROM to brazilian Portuguese. Thanks in advance.