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Found 27 results

  1. Guide to install fully working Indian x507 EUI 5.8 17s Android M on Letv/LeEco 1S x500 China version: This guide is made by myself because I personally had issues with the EUI 5.8 stock x500 rom. It was buggy and bloated with Chinese apps. Also I had issues with network stability. In this Indian version of EUI 5.8 none of the issues has existed so far with my install methods. Please feel free to comment if you have improvements to the guide or if you have questions regarding installation of the rom. (Please use this forum thread and dont PM me with questions). Credit/Kudos: This guide is made possible thanks to a bunch of people who dedicate their spare time to make great solutions for us Letv/LeEco users. In this guide I have taken their tips and put them together in a complete guide for your convenience. Thanks to: wandy77 Nikolas777 naeem210 tibcsi0407 laikexpert alexgraaf 4pda DISCLAIMER I am NOT responsible for your mistakes! This method has been tested by myself on my own device. If you are unsure or have questions about this method ASK before you try it yourself. Remember that doing these changes to your phone may void your warranty! FAQ (Frequently asked questions): Why should I install the 17s Indian rom on my x500? If you want a clean and bug free rom that is stock without Chinese bloatware this is a rom for you. As simple as that. Why do you install 12s and then 14s? This is because I want a ported version of the indian stock rom with proper bootloader and recovery to install TWRP on. Somehow this does not work when I just install the 14s rom and try the TWRP method with Fastboot. It is also required to have 14s to update to 17s. See post here. Will my phone be rooted after I install this update? No. You will end up with stock recovery and a non rooted phone. I do not know if its possible to root the 17s build as of now. Will I have TWRP after using this method? No. Only stock recovery. "LeView is annoying. It ruins the "clean stock" feeling." Dont worry. Disable it by holding your finger down at the home screen. Swipe to the left and uncheck the eye icon showing in the middle on top of the screen. What is the benefits of installing 017s this way? This is a clean install of the rom. It can be installed on a phone in any state. This includes the following bricked, unrooted/rooted phones or on phones with prev./other roms installed. Se also original posts about this release. Here and here What you need: Letv/LeEco 1s x500 PC/MAC USB CABLE Download this complete file with all files included. (3.8GB! zip file) Step-by-step-guides: (note: all guides have their original install guides linked) Install fully working SP Flash Tool from wandy77 Install Stock 12s SP flash rom from Nikolas777 Install Stock 14s SP flash rom from naeem210 Install ADB/Fastboot installer from tibcsi0407 Install TWRP from tibcsi0407 Install modified stock 17s rom with TWRP rom from 4pda Open guides below.
  2. Stock

    Hello, Direct download link : http://g3.letv.cn/217/6/34/scloud-ota/0/upload/tmp/1482458743_MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5902012221S-5.9.020S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_max.html
  3. Hi all, I have spent a few days putting together a Custom ROM for my LeEco Le 2 Pro X620, with the idea to provide a more Stock Android experience, and thought I would share it with you here. Features: - Updated the integrated Google Services - Replaced the EUI Launcher with the Google Now launcher - Added in a set of base Google Applications (Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Photos, Music, Calendar etc) - Added Multi-language support - Removed unwanted Chinese apps NOTE: Both the initial flash and first boot can take a long time - please be patient! The ROM is not rooted - if you wish to root the ROM, download and flash SuperSU from Chainfire. Open the SuperSU app before initialising any application that requires root access granted. Version 2.2b - Replaced the boot animation with that from the Google Pixel - Update the initial boot screen to remove the 'orange state' warning - Included all the additional 20S firmware files so flashing from 18S or below will be successful - Include TWRP 3.0.2-0 Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2-2b_020S.zip Version 2.1 - Added Multi-language support - Removed additional unwanted LeEco apps Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2-1_020S.zip Version 2.0 - Based around Stock 020S Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2_020S.zip Version 1.0 - Based around Stock 018S Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V1_018S.zip Notifications LeEco ROMs are very aggressive in closing down applications in the background, which can lead to missed notifications. I have written up a guide to setting up this (and all other custom ROMs) to ensure that notifications are always received for your apps Fixing notification issues on LeEco devices Tutorial I have also written up a tutorial which explains how I created this ROM and hence how you too could create something similar yourself! Le2 X620 Custom ROM Tutorial
  4. Dear All, 100% safe!! Install stock recovery only using TWRP.please download the below flashable zip. Download : (17s official recovery)https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxq3lqMEPtzTV2dJYi1QWVYyX0E/view?usp=sharing>>>>>after flashing, initially it will show Chinese language but after single restart it will became in English only<<<<enjoy guys Note: install only in 17s ROM it will not brick your recovery or bootloader. Install the stock recovery and enjoy the coming updates.
  5. stock

    I found link for new stock version: 5.8.018S. here's where to download it from: https://yadi.sk/d/HegH3jOdvnbKv i found it on http://forum.telekineza.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=793&sid=a9f7b327947afadccf1a9eb6dd181f52&start=1940 . Unfortunately, didn't manage to try it out yet... I'll keep you updated once I flash and test it
  6. Stock

    Hi guys ! You can download the new stock rom based on android 6 -> EUI 18s http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_max.html Direct download link : http://g3.letv.cn/235/34/15/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20161025143143364/MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5801810191S-5.8.018S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 mega link : https://mega.nz/#!XNA32JbY!stuzNp7WzP3UNIJcbO0HuvjgGU0uzc2YUwfDCahWO1A (ty spzjulien) How to install ? Watch the tutorial
  7. 15S (STABLE) STOCK ROM IS ALREADY HERE ! You can download the stock rom here : http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_max.html Direct link : http://g3.letv.cn/201/3/81/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20160706191623505/MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5801507013S-5.8.015S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 Rename the file to "update" before installation. If your x900 don't find the update file : download my update and open the Read-me text. 15S Custom Rom by Sister aa : http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-648179-1-1.html Mega download link : https://mega.nz/#!11VRCCCB!jTk6AWMiXn5aZ5Bk_KyD3VUFGd8-VICsB8Qo6uYZyOU My test : sister aa 15s When passing to Android 6.0, you will loose any data, even if you don't select interne storage wipe. So you have to backup all your data ! Contact/Picture/Music/etc.. I have fash twice this rom. First flash : no root access (as beta 15s rom). I had the root access during the second time. I have install the Swiftkey apk to add google account and more setting, because the stock keyboard is half english/chinese. You have to add google apk : download this file and install the apk in this order : 1-2-3-4-5-6. No problem, it's working fine. Use root app deleter to remove all chinese apk.
  8. Hi all. I recently flashed stock rom for Letv x600 via OTG cable. The problem is the Software Update app doesnt seem to show new available versions. It just shows that the currently installed version of EUI is latest - which is not true. How to achieve OTA mechanism functioning properly?
  9. http://g3.letv.cn/234/9/16/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20160905173508469/FULL_X600_X600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5801708252S-5.8.017S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500
  10. Stock

    Hi guys ! You can download the new stock rom based on android 6 -> EUI 17s Link HERE Directly download link HERE
  11. Stock

    MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5801607201S-5.8.016S http://bbs.le.com/thread-2024870-1.html Direct download BBS link HERE Direct download MEGA link HERE
  12. Can someone please download this firmware and upload to mega or some other cloud? link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dE1xgsx
  13. Hi there. In a few days i will be receiving letv x600. I bought the phone from eshop in China. I am well aware that they installed google play there and multiple languages, custom recovery probably as well. I would like to ask for instructions on how to flash current STOCK ROM as well as EUI stock recovery. What I will be trying to do is revert the phone to out-of-factory conditition without any custom modifications, and allow it to download OTA updates. Thanks for help.
  14. I want to download the latest 16s update on my x620 but I have twrp flashed and I have misplaced my backup of the stock recovery. I was thinking if someone could provide me with the link to the stock recovery, it would save me the pain of downloading the entire rom. Thank you in advance
  15. Hi, I am using the BB72 MOD ROM on my LeEco Le 1s x501 device purchased from Hong Kong. I am planning to sell my phone and therefore want to flash it back to the original STOCK ROM. Can anyone help me with where i can find the ROM? Urgently needed.
  16. S1_x600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5501102061S-5.5.011S on the lemi bbs Server for download available. http://g3.letv.cn/183/32/19/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20160224215232993/S1_x600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5501102061S-5.5.011S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 OTA Update also available.
  17. BB72

    Donwload source
  18. I have successfully ported the official indian build for x507 to my x500 THe biggest advantage is that there is no cinese apps what so ever , and its fully english, Preinstalled with GAPPS You will need to download and unzip it. Please use the flash tool for installation Please Find the link Below https://mega.nz/#!QFxSGZ4B!5xAISx82FVoM7wmSm_2V4Ld2ltXNttswIG11gsNzVPI This is my First Build. Hope you like it
  19. VNMod

    Developed by: hoangtubongdem3b , CadBuRy.VNMod Languages added: Vietnamese, French Information: Battery Options/System Optimizer WiFi Enhanced boot RemoveBloatware PreRooted ( Supersu 2.66 New ) Add Gapps ( Fixed FC ) Odex full rom Zipalign Init.d Support Add L-Speed Tweak New IOS StatusBar Emoji icon ios9 Laucher Mod Remove live,back live Add Meizu Camera .... Link Dowload : https://docs.google.com/uc…
  20. ROM

    Download Size: 1.33 Gb MD5:4d7a72b8e8a63ff283bc6a0f1f545ecf Notes: Translate with google - Same install procedure with wipes - Aroma installer (Setup Wizard that lets you select the apps/Launcher/Mods to be installed) - Remember that when you wipe system is formatted the partition with the OS (like a PC without windows) so if then flash the rom is not successful for some reason (i.e. corrupt file), your phone will boot. Advice to always have in cell a nandroid backup or the zip of a rom of which you know the flash goes smoothly - Remember that if you don't select the Aroma during installation Launcher Google, there will work with Google search press and hold on button ... you will have to install from playstore source
  21. Here's the Roma to x600 by BB72 5.5 based on EUI 009S. AROMA_S1_x600-BY_BB72_ML-Based_5.5.009S_r1.zip Size: 1:41 gb Google translate In addition to everything already seen in previous rom plus: 1. Stock LeTV launcher integrated with the following mod - Voice Search Google by pressing middle button down - completely cleansed of Chinoiserie - Direct access to the Dialer with swipe up from any screen (demo video down) 2. Implementation Aroma Installer to personalize the installation and ability to: - Install additional applications (tested and working) - Install Launcher alternative (the LeTV stock launcher is default) - Install Mods: --- Key mod ** Voice Search google for longpress of softkeys (set from Settings / Accessibility) replaced with Google Now search. Additionally double tap on Home key to access the taskmanager --- Statusbar shortcuts mod ** Stock (all shortcuts are stock) ** Stock sleep with tap (shortcuts stock and tap on the upper right corner to sleep. Tap extended the same area this option turns off / restart) ** Modded (some shortcuts have changed: Calculator, Clock, Notes, QR scanner) ** Modded with sleep tap (shortcuts modded and tap on the upper right corner to sleep. Tap extended same active area options shutdown / restart) INSTALLATION Just like all other simple rom zipped by TWRP and follow directions AROMA. Wipes recommended ( system / data / cache / dalvik ) Performing wipe system, during installation you will a message "mount failed", quiet normal! I repeat that making a wipe system, the cell will not have the operating system (such as a PC without Windows), so if something goes wrong later in the installation, you need to restore system . Therefore as always I recommend you do a backup nandroid from TWRP before proceeding. If the first boot there appears a Force Close the SystemUI do cancels and proceed ... all normal All credits go to BB72 and if you want buy him a coffee, click here!
  22. https://mega.nz/#!qRZihA5Q!YcBDPc5Jo_xE5FelwOOOAGPHIENMPorH_dBxg3ANXTk source
  23. KAMX Team

    Download Bing Translate ROM Maker: card card card doesn't kill you BUG submission: http://weibo.com/kaka44444 If I had any problems in the system, jiaqun, please: A: 486131102 is full Second group: 495186506 is full Three groups: come 295356126 and oh ... Special Note: 1S X500, camera-related code for this team (card card card doesn't kill you, @ for love running water, MXgreat God, @ycjeson) independent repair, if you refer to our code, please indicate the source! Fingerprint identification has not yet been fixed. Letv superphone ROM communication feedback, my team and I will try to fix. Thanks Uncle mobile machines. The MIUI ROM for original original like features to beautify the version recommended brush into the ycjeson package. Download: drive 2-1: Please use third party recovery, after the pair of flush, 3 built-in software, do not like do not brush! This post hide content [hide] LETV X500 MIUI7 6.1.22 packages Baidu is clouds: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dEuGvlv LETV X500 360 MIUI7 6.1.22 complete package disc: https://yunpan.cn/cruXU6PEsC4ZG access code 0284 [/hide] 6.1.22 update log: 1: synchronization MIUI updated development version this week week No. 272, updates please refer to the MIUI official website. 2: cracking the MIUI in third-party application Center or local install APK 10 second limit, just click to install APK, withoutwaiting. 3: exclusive cracked MIUI camera authentication, MIUI camera added some special effects and filters. As shown in thefigure. (Used for reference, please indicate source) 4: exclusive cracked MIUI camera authentication, repair the camera BUG, such as long shutter key to realize the continuous shooting function would be free in the MIUI camera setting--setting. 5: If you don't like the connected USB link sounds brush patch, please: link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hrvVZQc password:o0mc 6: the need for two-letter: two-letter version (with a normal app, and then loaded this app is the two-letter, not built intothe ROM): http://pan.Baidu.com/s/1ntzqij3 Other notes: 1: theme crack, system validation crack, cracked system signature is required (which you are free to delete the millet andmillet shop not kaping). Remove MIUI upgrade code. (That is, you do not receive the MIUI push updates, MIUI is pushedred rice Note2, not pushed, note. ) Flash boot by default calls for the first time, closed paths---call---advanced settings for the desktop Flash is free to open orclose. 2: no desktop 4X6, re Manager, delete the com.miui.home system\media\theme\default this path reset to restore thedefault! source
  24. ROM

    EUI 5.5 006S by CUOCO92 https://mega.nz/#!WcpjSIqL!c-kf62_SbBy2RYmKc0iGEZzfz6frNz_rybqlzrMVI6M source
  25. Download Bing Translate 1: synchronization MIUI updated development version this week week No. 269,updates please refer to the MIUI website, updates this week suggested pairs ofbrushes into. 2: remove the invalid gloves pattern. 3: the need for two-letter: two-letter version (with a normal app, and then loaded thisapp is the two-letter, not built into the ROM): http://pan.Baidu.com/s/1ntzqij3 Other notes: 1: theme crack, system validation crack, cracked system signature is required (whichyou are free to delete the millet and millet shop not kaping). Remove MIUI upgradecode. (That is, you do not receive the MIUI push updates, MIUI is pushed red riceNote2, not pushed, note. ) Boot by default calls to Flash for the first time, closedpaths---call---advanced settings for the desktop Flash is free to open or close. 2: no desktop 4X6, re Manager, delete the com.miui.homesystem\media\theme\default this path reset to restore the default! Notes: 1: Please run the first run the compass 360 security guards, LBE, before they can run. 2: IR, mute key has not yet been fixed. source