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  1. Here's the fastest and most battery-efficient MIUI you've been looking for. CHANGES Updated to MIUI Version 8.6.9 Multilingual Unnecessary stuff deleted Battery, Storage, WiFi, Sound, and Speed tweaks 13,000 MIUI icons LeTV Camera pre-installed ROM is now a flashable ZIP ADD-ONS LeTV Camera: Flash EUI's Stock Camera through Recovery Mi Lanting: MI's official font. Go to Theme Manager and Import the .MTZ file Emoji One: Flat Emojis that fit well with MIUI's look. Go to Recovery and flash GApps: NOT FLASHABLE. Extract this ZIP and install each APK Orange State Remover: Flash this if you get this message when booting, "Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted, your device will boot in 5 seconds." For best results, follow this quick guide to make MIUI faster. DOWNLOAD V4 NOW (SOON) THANKS Androidtweaks35 T-Ryder Adam Juwell Slaid480 ViRb3 Dracov76 Source
  2. This is not a fully working version, it is a work in progress and may never be complete. HOW TO INSTALL Reboot to TWRP Install ROM zip file Install gapps (option) Install Xposed (option) KNOWN ISSUES Wifi Hotspot does not work IR does not work BT pairs but forgets when BT is switched off so must repair every time Camera does not do face effects or panorama will crash if you try Whatsapp bug is present, only send photos from Whatsapp gallery. Root is included Gapps are not. LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v99 by Kangburra.zip LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v107 by Kangburra.zip Shade speed improved LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v117 by Kangburra.zip Dolby, Pixel Launcher added. LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v126 by Kangburra.zip Speed improvement, battery improvement LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v136 by Kangburra.zip BT bug fixed LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v137 by Kangburra.zip Turns off logging of BT scanning LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v138 by Kangburra.zip Minor tweaks aimed at LTE and data switching LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v144 by Kangburra.zip Better signal LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v160 by Kangburra.zip Smoother, better battery, xposed installer apk included LeEco x620 AOSP Rom v199 by Kangburra.zip IR fixed, BT 4.1 works
  3. This is a fully working version, I have been using for several weeks without issue. Credit to Verevka for device tree (Apollo Lite). Credit to Graineeg for camera libraries. Credit to Chainfire for root zip and apk. HOW TO INSTALL Reboot to TWRP Data wipe (unless you are on CM13 or LO13) Install ROM zip file Install gapps (option) KNOWN ISSUES Battery usage is high but better in v68 SupserSU icons disappears from app drawer, use dialer code to access settings *#*#SUPERSU#*#* Photos are full 21mp resolution. Video is 1920x1080 @ 30fps Root is included Gapps are not. LeEco x620 LO13 Rom v68 by Kangburra.zip LeEco x620 LO13 Rom v49 by Kangburra.zip LeEco x620 LO13 Rom v48 by Kangburra.zip
  4. Greetings LeEco 2 Users! This is a topic for developers to share their work concerning Nougat support for our device. I am currently working on making madOS work on the X620 but it's giving me bootloop. I will share the ZIP so anyone can help out! HERE'S MY BUILD: PLEASE TEST AND HELP OUT! https://mega.nz/#!OVoxnCKS!PvxlclotIfQ3Z5GDUKwDrmO1XikrO8sqXr1BSPzQ6RI
  5. Hi all, I have spent a few days putting together a Custom ROM for my LeEco Le 2 Pro X620, with the idea to provide a more Stock Android experience, and thought I would share it with you here. Features: - Updated the integrated Google Services - Replaced the EUI Launcher with the Google Now launcher - Added in a set of base Google Applications (Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Photos, Music, Calendar etc) - Added Multi-language support - Removed unwanted Chinese apps NOTE: Both the initial flash and first boot can take a long time - please be patient! The ROM is not rooted - if you wish to root the ROM, download and flash SuperSU from Chainfire. Open the SuperSU app before initialising any application that requires root access granted. Version 2.2b - Replaced the boot animation with that from the Google Pixel - Update the initial boot screen to remove the 'orange state' warning - Included all the additional 20S firmware files so flashing from 18S or below will be successful - Include TWRP 3.0.2-0 Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2-2b_020S.zip Version 2.1 - Added Multi-language support - Removed additional unwanted LeEco apps Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2-1_020S.zip Version 2.0 - Based around Stock 020S Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2_020S.zip Version 1.0 - Based around Stock 018S Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V1_018S.zip Notifications LeEco ROMs are very aggressive in closing down applications in the background, which can lead to missed notifications. I have written up a guide to setting up this (and all other custom ROMs) to ensure that notifications are always received for your apps Fixing notification issues on LeEco devices Tutorial I have also written up a tutorial which explains how I created this ROM and hence how you too could create something similar yourself! Le2 X620 Custom ROM Tutorial
  6. So, i was trying to recover my imei ( this is the last of my problems now) and i read online that you have to use spflash tool and do a "format whole flash except Bootloader" before flashing any rom, i did so and then i followed this guide ( ) to flash the stock rom. I think i'm doing everything right except that at the end i can't flash the boot and the recovery: the phone is stuck in a bootloop and even by going in fastboot i can't unlock the bootloader cause the debug mode is off !! any ideas ??! ps : when i try to flash boot or recovery i get this error..
  7. Hi I have a LeX622 phone, in phone info is Le S3 but chipset is MTK Helio X20 I tried install TWRP of Le2 and successfully Can I install X620 ROM for my phone? And anyone have stock firmware of my model (X622) please help me Thank you
  8. 1. Purple Fire 23s Senior Customized Version MEGA Source 2. Purple Fire 23s Moderately Streamlined Version MEGA Source twrp-3.1.0-0 MEGA link ( Source ) just in case Security patch level is April 5, 2017 Brush Pack Changelog:This package is based on the 023S Brush music, as the official version of the latest release of the X800 official EUI5.9 production , the application and the number of fragmented files inside the official system does not often use were moderately condensed, but also preserves the functional integrity of all of the original system, streamlined out: search, would like to see, Music video , Live, music as sports, shopping mall, help, push notification system upgrade, a lot of fans, and so not explained in detail, modify the LIVE button to lock screen function, Built-purple fire kit : contains components as follows: (some need ROOT others do not, there are classification) online update tool, require root list of tools: [CPU] [control] [DPI adjustment senior restart] [] [Viper sound BusyBox installer wifi password] [View] [green] guardian do not need root list of tools: [performance monitor speed monitor] [] [] [caller flash CPU-Z] as well as some third-party collaboration applications. Brush significantly reduce package size, increase in the system: wifi, strengthening effect, zipalign optimization, GPS optimization, like instruction set busybox patch, to optimize system performance and power consumption, Brush package is produced and packaged in the linux environment, to ensure the stability of the system, and the brush safety, this brush pack built SuperSU root privileges tools we all need, oh, the built-in advanced features of version subsequent releases. Etc. updated their own experience, The official introduction 23S update: http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-843845-1-1.html Side note:Brush may clear the system data, please back up personal data in advance, this brush pack your third-party recovery mode in the brush, brushing first turn slowly for about 5 minutes note, it is recommended to restart after the first boot, the second turn on the fast. Screens:
  9. Hi, I have strange problem, I installed firmware 5.9.020s_12151 and I can't find a twrp recovery that work , please give me a link, 'cos I want to root the phone.
  10. Hi guys! How does this work that the Le2 already Android nougat Customroms has even though there is no nougat source code? And we must remain 6 but the Le2 Pro still on Android. Sry for my bad English i'm Austrian For the Apollo i find a Android 7 Rom https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/m-d-unofficial-aosp-n-vernee-apollo-lite-t3525161 Can try someone to port?
  11. Hello Guys ! I have a problem with my leeco LE2 pro X620 with wifi. Once connected to the network does not have the internet and on your computer and laptop is. After resetting the router is the internet but when you disconnect from the network is still no internet. It became a day-to-day. I am currently using rom: http://www.leeco.re/topic/2158-romx62020s12gb01-feb-2017ligera/ thought it was wine rom but 3 times I installed the system and did wipe all but it did not help and continue experiencing this problem. Can you help?
  12. Is any one building other rom for leEco le 2 X620.? I'm tired of flashing the same rom every day!!!
  13. Hi! I same days work for port vernee apollo Lite ROM stock to my leeco le 2 x620, this ROM is based on Android stock, I have a ROM ported to 50% , is very very smoth but have many bugs, i need help for any kitchen expert to finish the ROM, this IS my first port ROM, dont work the camera, sound and multisim. Any help? Sorry for my Bad english Actualizacion i make a video
  14. Hello friends, I see a subject on XDA , about mtk6797 Android N , here is the link. Some one can port this rom? https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/m-d-unofficial-aosp-n-vernee-apollo-lite-t3525161
  15. Hi, How can i install the international software update of LE 2 X626 indian version on the Chinese LE 2 X620 phone? Is it possible to just update my phone which is chinese MTK X20 Processor with the indian phone update by Le which has Snapdragon processor? i had done same update for LE 1S around 6 months ago and i was successful in getting my phone softwares changed to international indian version without any problem, but the processor type was same MTK X10 for both chinese and indian phones. Please Guide.
  16. Hey, I am using LeEco le 2 pro for 5 months without any problem! The last 3 weeks my phone once in a while freeze with a grey or black or white screen and even some times make a strange sound! After 10 seconds it reboot itself. The last 1 weeks this is happening at least 4 times a day. I have already tried to change ROM from Original to BB72 (18s to 18s) but nothing happens
  17. MIUI 8 new version Source Based on the latest development version of MIUI transplant Normal fingerprint identification, fingerprint unlock support, application and fingerprint lock switch avatar Normal fast charging, charging bright screen supports exclusive mobile phone repair spare completely remove the camera sound increase phone loud speaker Break the limit, you can delete any card MI MIUI does not crack the system core signature millet account properly locate phone support cloud services built-in super root privileges removed on the phone - System Update - Advanced settings without permission is prohibited misappropriation - - Enhanced Settings - Power Menu (shutdown, reboot, recovery, etc.) screen assistant (supports multiple functions, support graffiti screenshot) program freeze (freezing the extra program, convenient and practical) Viper sound (powerful audio software) Key switch (control keyboard light) WIFI password (see connected over wifi password) - System Settings - CPU settings (control CPU performance) DPI density setting (adjust the screen display range, the smaller the value, the greater the visible range) Personalized switching desktop layout switching (4x5 4x6 5x5 5x6 layout options) time display (the original, week | time selection) Drop-down search settings (open or closed search) Application settings (open or closed MIUI app store) - Accessibility - Battery Information Engineering mode Information about My G-drive
  18. NOTE: THIS TOOLKIT IS DEPRECATED AND IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. INSTEAD, USE THE NEW TOOLKIT FROM HERE: http://www.leeco.re/topic/1871-leeco-aio-toolkit THANK YOU... Hello Everyone. I have created a Small All-In-One Toolkit for our Le X620. It has Many Features & I plan on Adding Extra Features as much as i can in the Later Versions. Features: Automatic ADB/Fastboot USB Drivers Installation. Reboot To Bootloader/Fastboot Mode Option to Reboot Easily. Unlock Bootloader Option. Check Status of Bootloader (Whether it is Unlocked or not). Flash TWRP Recovery. Boot into TWRP Recovery Temporarily (Boot into TWRP even if it is not Installed). Instructions on How to Setup TWRP with Unlocked Bootloader & also on How to Take Backup of Stock Rom using TWRP Recovery. Instructions on How to Root With SuperSU using TWRP. And a Lot More Coming Soon... How to Use: Just Open the exe File in your Windows PC/Laptop & Done. Just Follow the Steps on the Screen. Screenshot: Changelog: Version 1.0: Initial Release. Download Links: Version 1.0: Toolkit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8T-FsY2G8InMzZZNFRYbGNpbVk/view?usp=sharing MD5 Checksum File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8T-FsY2G8InaDhRR2NBVHp1Ulk/view?usp=sharing Credits: ME (Rishabh Rao) - For Building this Toolkit from Scratch. @tibcsi0407 - For giving me TWRP of X620 and Encouraging me to Build This Toolkit. LeEco - For giving us X620. Letv.re Forums, XDA Forums & letv.re Forums. Snoop05 - For his 15 Second ADB Installer. PdaNet Team - For their PdaNet Application. If you Want any New Extra Feature in this Toolkit, then Write it down in the Comments Section Below & I will add it in the Next Update. ENJOY!!!
  19. lte problem

    Hello! I just buy Leeco Le 2 x620 And have some problems: Phone can connect to 2g/3g network, but can't connect to 4g. Most intresting thing is that phone can see it, but can't register to it. When i enter engineer mode phone shows me BTS informations (screen, as you can see it says mRegistered=YES but there is no signal at all). It's B3 (1800Mhz) frequency. EU PL Plus (Polkomtel) provider. I have tested a lot of roms, stock, and custom ones. No one can work properly. To your information, sim card works on other 1800Mhz phones. Any ideas? Solutions? Mayby You had similar problems?
  20. HI all! Simple question. Does someone here has a Leeco Le 2 in "FORCE GOLD" color??? Or maybe any other LeTv model in that color? NOT rose gold! If YES, please show some real photos of that color here becasue everywhere I can see only rendered photos like below. Or maybe somone has a SILVER version please share some photos as well. Thank You
  21. mainboard

    Hi guys i need letv x620 phone`s mainboard where can i get ,could u give me link or something pls..