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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys! Here is my new rom for LE MAX 2 device. (x820/x821/x822 etc.) Heavy debloated, optimized for fast and battery friendly use. I got always 7+ hours of SOT. Its based on EUI 5.9.021S Very stable, ready to Daily use. I think its the best rom for battery..:) Features: - Deleted all of unused and bloat apps - Added adblock hosts file -> no more ads when you browsing - Added new thermal driver -> +5C° throttling - Reduced soft buttons brightness -> better battery - Added camera api 2 compatibility -> more function like manual focus or raw shoot with 3rd party app - Removed live icon from launcher -> no more chinese thing - Faster response and lower latency CPU -> faster user experiance and lower battery consumption - Faster fingerprint recognition -> 0,5 sec - Rooted and busyboxed -> supersu Download -> Mega! Only 1,14 GB Tip: Use USA régión and you can't see more chinese character Instructions: 0. Backup your current ROM 1. Download the "Small_EUI.5.9.021s_by;aurel.zip" file 2. Move to phone 3. Reboot the phone in recovery [TWRP] 4. Wipe: "Cache, Dalvik, Data" 5. Reboot -> Recovery 6. Install -> "Small_EUI.5.9.021s_by;aurel.zip" 7. Be patient. ca:3 mins to flashing, and its reboot automaticaly 8. Wait 5 mins to boot, and enjoy! If you like my work, feel free to donate me:P or paypal email -> aureeel@ymail.com ( yes, y! because its yahoo! )
  2. Hy guys! I just made a kernel, and some tweaks for x800. This add a new thermal driver, wich enables more power, and a little bit heater device. Add a new adblocking hosts file, and increase the volume on headphone, and decrease the volume on speaker ( its just a little bit, but its too loud for me everytime before..:) And enable weaker vibration straight. and and and some little tweaks wich help to battery and performance. Its make your phone fast and smooth..exampl: antutu 93k Are you ready? 1. Download this file from attachment. -> Better kernel for x800 US.zip 2. Put it to your device. 3. Reboot in TWRP mode. 4. Flash file with TWRP. ( No need to clean dalvik or cache, because the scirpt do. ) 5. Reboot and profit Flash it on any x800 US device with Stock, or custum ROM. I dont know its work on CN device, or not. Make a backup and try. If you like my work, feel free to donate me. Paypal mail: aureeel@ymail.com (yes, Y! because its yahoo! ) Oh, and sorry for my bad English, Im Hungarian. Cheers
  3. So in a last month or so i noticed that my battery life is getting worse...like, really worse... phone would discharge in 14-16 hours without me touching it, however if i leave it unplugged and turned off it keeps charge (after 6hours beeing off battery is still at 100%) but if i unplug it and use it right away i get around 5h of SOT... so my first assumption was that it's software's fault and did a factory reset, after I realised that it didn't help i tried to change rom and tried whole bunch of roms... but the problem persisted, so conclusion is that it's hardware that's not working properly... today my battery was at about 10% and i got a notification saying :"OTG Event: Warning:Over current happens! Cut the power down." (there wasn't anything plugged into the usb port...) and battery rapidly went from 10% to 0% (in a matter of a minute) and phone turned off, after charging it boot up like nothing happened... So i'm thinking of ordering a new battery(15$) and maybe even the part with type c port (16$) but i'm not sure will it help... does somebody know whether is it smart to replace that or is it just waste of money?
  4. Hy guys, im aurel. Here is my very new project. I just made a rom for X800 US version LeTv device. Optimized vibration straight, and added a new thermal driver, wich is enabled throttling mode more latter. So you can use your phone fast and warm Its based on Flyme OS, but removed tons of china apps, services. Fixed Mute switch, GPS, Remote and others. PlayStore and other must to work google services are include in rom. No need to flash gapps. The ROM is multilanguage, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Bug(s): Only front facing camera does not work with original camera app. I fix it soon. Are you ready? 1. Download the file from this link: Mega.nz 2. Put in your Phone 3. Do a BACKUP your current rom via TWRP 4. Do a full wipe ( Data+Cache+Dalvik+System ) 5. Flash the downloaded file via TWRP 6. Wait the process (3 minutes) and reboot the phone. 7. Wait 5 minutes ( boot process ) 7+1. Profit and enjoy Flash it ONLY on x800 US version ( on the back CE0560 ) Do NOT flash it on x800 CN-version! If you wanna SuperSu, just choose Root in TWRP, and if boot complete update the SuperSu app via PlayStore. Feel free to donate me on paypal: aureeel@ymail.com ( yes, Y because its yahoo! ) Oh, and sorry for my bad engish, Im Hungarian. Cheers
  5. http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-671551-1-1.html this rom is too good, it doesnt have the battery eating play services and gave best battery backup and the eui is super smooth, check out my screenshots, I would have got better SOT if I have watched less videos And there are much chinese stuff to be removed, use disable option to disable them, and the others you can uninstall them install a music player app as it is not inbuilt
  6. battery

    Hi. I created this thread for everybody to share their battery stats and comments on how battery life can be improved. I've been using this phone for 4 days now and i can honestly say the battery life isn't great! I noticed that when using, the battery % will go down by 2% instead of 1% like every other phones do. Below are my current stats. It didn't even last for 24 hours!
  7. Hello guys, I'm asking if someone knows the solution to this. My x500 lost USB to PC connectivity, drains battery very fast and is heating too much. I tried to flash it again, even did the latest 16s update over wifi with stock rom, and nothing helped. Can anybody tell me how I can solve this problem?
  8. Hello everyone, i am interest to buy a Le 2 Pro (X620). Does anyone can put some screenshots to see hows the battery life of the phone ? Like On Screen Time for example. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi Friends, I am on VNMOD5.0 with Chinese 12s and I have noticed from BetterBatteryStats (also LeanDroid) that my Wifi is always on, even though I have disabled from Advanced Settings "Keep Wifi On During Sleep" is set to Never. Any recommendation here please. I am having a very average battery life with around 2 hour SOT and around 24hours Battery life with a very light use, no videos or gaming. Regards, Ibtisam
  10. Quick Drain

    I bought the LeTV 1S in Mid-March and returned it because of some issue with its battery. The battery drained too quickly, literally without any load. I was refunded the amount by Flipkart. I read reviews and came to feel that the battery drainage issue was with that particular set. Now that I have bought the set again, its battery still seems not giving adequate backup. I charged it full and am at work right now. With very little use, 10 minutes of call, 5-10 minutes of whatsapp with WiFi on, its battery is 73% left in 2:50 HRS. I am using the default settings that come with the handset and ran the 28-Mar update. Is it normal? Please suggest if there is a way the battery could give better backup.