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Found 126 results

  1. What is ROM compatible for Le Max2 (x829)? Thnaks
  2. Greetings LeEco Le 2 Users! Many users love MIUI but are constantly annoyed by its slow speed over time. So here it is: SLIM MIUI! DOWNLOAD VERSION 1 NOW Version 1 Changelog ----------------------- Unnecessary apps and files deleted. Battery and performance tweaks. Google Play integrated. No need to flash GApps. Rooted. SuperSu installed. Everything is working. And more . . . How to Install ------------------------ Download the file Extract it Put the folder in the directory TWRP / BACKUPS / Le_X620 (this folder may have another name) Go to TWRP RECOVERY. Select "Restore" Select "SLIM MIUI V1" Wait . . . Now Delete Dalvik and Cache and restore. First boot will take a while. It will show LeEco boot animation and not MIUI boot animation. ENJOY! It is multilingual! Screenshots -------------------
  3. Hy guys, its me again. I just surfed on the internet, and found a very good 'stock' rom for my Letv One Pro US . I just think i share with us. Its better than the original update.zip and all of cuoco92 rom too.. I just use it 2 days and everything is work well. Double tap is in the rom, find it in accessibility section. Here is a link for forum: 4PDA.ru and here 4PDA.ru If you dont wanna search, here is the download link: Drive or Mega.nz If your download is done, the password is: maks232723 1. You can now put the files somewhere on your desk. 2. Boot the phone in Fastboot mode ( push power and volume down key 30sec ) 3. In the unpacked folder click Flash.bat and follow the instructions. 4. Wait until it done, and the phone reboots. 5. Done. Enjoy and profit! If you wanna use my another project too, the Better kernel for x800 US is work on this rom too, you can get 5 hours of screen on time, with fast and smooth device. This is not my work. Every credits are for cheltemov on 4PDA.ru If you like my work, please donate me -> paypal: aureeel@ymail.com ( y! because its yahoo..:) ) Cheers - Aurel
  4. Guide to install fully working Indian x507 EUI 5.8 17s Android M on Letv/LeEco 1S x500 China version: This guide is made by myself because I personally had issues with the EUI 5.8 stock x500 rom. It was buggy and bloated with Chinese apps. Also I had issues with network stability. In this Indian version of EUI 5.8 none of the issues has existed so far with my install methods. Please feel free to comment if you have improvements to the guide or if you have questions regarding installation of the rom. (Please use this forum thread and dont PM me with questions). Credit/Kudos: This guide is made possible thanks to a bunch of people who dedicate their spare time to make great solutions for us Letv/LeEco users. In this guide I have taken their tips and put them together in a complete guide for your convenience. Thanks to: wandy77 Nikolas777 naeem210 tibcsi0407 laikexpert alexgraaf 4pda DISCLAIMER I am NOT responsible for your mistakes! This method has been tested by myself on my own device. If you are unsure or have questions about this method ASK before you try it yourself. Remember that doing these changes to your phone may void your warranty! FAQ (Frequently asked questions): Why should I install the 17s Indian rom on my x500? If you want a clean and bug free rom that is stock without Chinese bloatware this is a rom for you. As simple as that. Why do you install 12s and then 14s? This is because I want a ported version of the indian stock rom with proper bootloader and recovery to install TWRP on. Somehow this does not work when I just install the 14s rom and try the TWRP method with Fastboot. It is also required to have 14s to update to 17s. See post here. Will my phone be rooted after I install this update? No. You will end up with stock recovery and a non rooted phone. I do not know if its possible to root the 17s build as of now. Will I have TWRP after using this method? No. Only stock recovery. "LeView is annoying. It ruins the "clean stock" feeling." Dont worry. Disable it by holding your finger down at the home screen. Swipe to the left and uncheck the eye icon showing in the middle on top of the screen. What is the benefits of installing 017s this way? This is a clean install of the rom. It can be installed on a phone in any state. This includes the following bricked, unrooted/rooted phones or on phones with prev./other roms installed. Se also original posts about this release. Here and here What you need: Letv/LeEco 1s x500 PC/MAC USB CABLE Download this complete file with all files included. (3.8GB! zip file) Step-by-step-guides: (note: all guides have their original install guides linked) Install fully working SP Flash Tool from wandy77 Install Stock 12s SP flash rom from Nikolas777 Install Stock 14s SP flash rom from naeem210 Install ADB/Fastboot installer from tibcsi0407 Install TWRP from tibcsi0407 Install modified stock 17s rom with TWRP rom from 4pda Open guides below.
  5. Hello I tryied to install a rom in my X800 phone, but I made a mistake. I unziped the rom file to my computer. And I ran the fastboot.bat directly from my computer to my X800 phone... Then after this process, the phone does't on turn anymore. When I press down button + power nothing happen, even with usb cable plugged. The battery was almost full. The screen is black and no chance to switch on the phone anymore, no power at all. Please can someone help me with this issue? Many thanks
  6. How flash recovery 5.6 1 Conect mobile with PC, open cmd.exe 2 Type following for fastboot adb reboot bootloader 3 Type for unlock bootloader fastboot oem unlock 4 Type for recovery twrp fastboot flash recovery recovery_twrp.img Turn off your mobile. Press 2 buttons together, power+vol in 10 seconds, mobile go into recovery. If you want to root it, flash supersu.zip 2.71 over recovery! PS: If you want to come back stock recovery, type fastboot flash recovery recovery_stock.img Link download :https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1JX0MSsEt63ZkZBUGM4RUFDUFE&usp=sharing How flash recovery 5.8 1 Conect mobile with PC, open cmd.exe 2 Type following for fastboot adb reboot bootloader 3 Type for unlock bootloader fastboot oem unlock 4 Type for recovery twrp fastboot flash recovery recovery_5.8.img Turn off your mobile. Press 2 buttons together, power+vol in 10 seconds, mobile go into recovery. Link down recovery 5.8: https://mega.nz/#!o4NQHQaQ!IdYAuye7QYdO3lfvjjBPPzdMx6fSIyjgx3BrTQZF47g Rom V11-X620 - based on stock rom 18S. - multi languages (maybe you aren't pleased with your language, because they're very well translated). - root and google play included. - no chinese apps - very smooth and fast. Battery's life is excellent. Antutu test is 100,000 points. Link rom: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6vmvz84t84_enRIMUo3ODJDXzA/view?usp=drivesdk Link Add: https://mega.nz/#!MlkGAIZb!TMbQoFofIaFQmIaRuuEUkNMJclR_gWRkZ7o3WD37D0o How flash: - flash rom over recovery. - reboot fully. - go to recovery again - no wipe, flash Add. - no wipe, reboot again. Old version :
  7. EUI5.9-20S original full (Shipping) stable version [Lengyu Ye] It's a beta v2, stable for daily use Update 18s stock to 20s beta v2 is imposible 【11.15】20s beta v1 upgrade to【11.20】20s beta v2 only 20S stable version update: This version is not too much changes and keep the original, only removed a few useless built-in software like you can experience only added to complete root, RE, delete, and would like to see headlines update log: an upgraded mobile operating variable card optimized for the first time entered the fingerprint is not recognized by optimizing customized services consumes abnormal optimization robot AI theme design all photographs increase switch the view mode voice assistant integrated support [my music as] increase ecological service pack application management increased configuring the application accordingly function virtual key backlight setting butler with increased user can configure the list of auxiliary function to delete the application brightness switching function one-handed operation - suspension ball features new power-saving mode classification application brightness adjustment information interception - butler application supports viewing, management themes and fonts increased sharing problem feedback my feedback update calendar-related UI optimized to increase the music depending on the user video call HomeTime music as users communicate with each other free information length supported by the virtual keys function call Flash function (in call Lane) fingerprint navigation (fingerprint and password in) [Shop] theme theme fonts free use (use: Click trial option, and then enter the System Setup - Application Management - Theme Stores - forced to stop to achieve long-term trial.) Speed display (housekeeper - flow control - flow setting) Turn to increase RE Manager (good uninstall built-in software) built three software, unwanted in system \ app delete, restart (after activation hope to help oh deleted Original source http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-711511-1-1.html Download from MEGA https://mega.nz/#!O1sDnDrI!Xj2FaVeHl21kv5OqN0--EnFHN-Ret4Vp7HJ-vmLuVe8
  8. X520- MULTI LANGUAGE ROM BASED ON STOCK EUI CN BY BB72 FEATURES This rom is only for x520 (Snapdragon Le2 version) - Based on stock EUI - Multi languages framework - OTA updates by BB72 - Debloated - Rooted - Playstore - Add-on (Multi user, Restart options, Swipe Up from launcher to access dialer) - Optimizations INSTALLATION - Unlock bootloader and install TWRP by following this tutorial using these files LeEco_X520_TWRP_BB72.7z (IMPORTANT: when finished to install TWRP from fastboot, DO NOT REBOOT phone by typing "reboot bootloader" since it will brick the phone. Just unplag the phone and long press Power button until phone restarts) - Download last rom version from DOWNLOAD section - Install from TWRP by doing: wipe cache, wipe dalvik, wipe data - Reboot NOTE - To hide the launcher left chinese pages just long press on launcher empty area and select the eye you see on the top of the pages to put in hide DOWNLOAD AND UPDATES - 5.8 BASED ON 16S BY BB72 - 5.8 BASED ON 17S BY BB72 - 5.8 BASED ON 18S BY BB72 THANKS IT translations thanks to @mrgiaco (Androidiani.it) HU translations thanks to @tibcsi0407 (LeEco.Re) PT translations thanks to @Br@uliX (LeEco.Re) BR translations thanks to @Konamy (LeEco.Re) If you like my work and you want to support this project, you could offer me a beer! It is really appreciated. You can find PayPal donation link into phone Settings....Thanks in advance! Enjoy!
  9. Hi I have problem with my LeTV X600. Device show me ota update to Android 7. But after finished installation device show me only black screen. I download ROM from official web and i install this rom to device. But after this, device does not have EU language (only Chinese and Englishp and also device does not have googleplay can you please somebody help me? do anybody have link to EU official ROM version for this device? I need Google support and Multilanguage I try install some ROM from this forum, but all this ROM show me problem with signature thanks
  10. There is no more development for the Us model of our phone ? Nothing heard anymore from ChrisBalGreece or Aurel or other developers the last time. Is this phone thread dead and should we buy another phone and throw away our letv 1 pro US shitware, because for the Chinese version ihere are enough roms to pick from and developers are busy with this phone. I know there was probably a silence because of the holidays but now i take every day a glans at this thread but no progress anymore.
  11. Thread XDA Enjoy it... :-) Seems to be working good! BTW. its 2017, its an error in description!
  12. MIUI V8 6.12.29 MULTILANG ports All working !!! Compass, Mute Switch, IR-Remote – working Double tap not working in miui! Humble! All language on screens. GAPPS!!! SELINUX!!! INIT.D!!! KERNEL TWEAKS!!! HDR OPTIMISATION!! and more more fixes INSTALL 1 - Wipe Data, cache and Dalvik!!! 2 - Install the Rom (5 min) 3 – Reboot (first boot is long (aprox 10min) NEEDROM LINK - http://www.needrom.com/download/le1-miui-multilang-xiaomi-eu-based/ Android file host - Cloud for all localized roms (Multirom, Global, Xiaomi.eu) - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=137366
  13. Hello everybody, I'm looking for multilingual ROM for EUI for LeEco Le 3 Pro (X720). The official ROM does not contain all europen languages. For example, french, czech, polish, slovak etc. If you know some ROM with europen languages, pls share. Thanks!
  14. ycjeson

    ColorOS 2.1 Beta1 by ycjeson https://mega.nz/#!tZxWkB5Q!KF8CKe1L358reJ1IOwwE5pM7sm74UHJwB4z7ue3TEVE source
  15. Hi all, I have spent a few days putting together a Custom ROM for my LeEco Le 2 Pro X620, with the idea to provide a more Stock Android experience, and thought I would share it with you here. Features: - Updated the integrated Google Services - Replaced the EUI Launcher with the Google Now launcher - Added in a set of base Google Applications (Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Photos, Music, Calendar etc) - Added Multi-language support - Removed unwanted Chinese apps NOTE: Both the initial flash and first boot can take a long time - please be patient! The ROM is not rooted - if you wish to root the ROM, download and flash SuperSU from Chainfire. Open the SuperSU app before initialising any application that requires root access granted. Version 2.2b - Replaced the boot animation with that from the Google Pixel - Update the initial boot screen to remove the 'orange state' warning - Included all the additional 20S firmware files so flashing from 18S or below will be successful - Include TWRP 3.0.2-0 Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2-2b_020S.zip Version 2.1 - Added Multi-language support - Removed additional unwanted LeEco apps Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2-1_020S.zip Version 2.0 - Based around Stock 020S Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V2_020S.zip Version 1.0 - Based around Stock 018S Le2_X620_GoogleIntegration_V1_018S.zip Notifications LeEco ROMs are very aggressive in closing down applications in the background, which can lead to missed notifications. I have written up a guide to setting up this (and all other custom ROMs) to ensure that notifications are always received for your apps Fixing notification issues on LeEco devices Tutorial I have also written up a tutorial which explains how I created this ROM and hence how you too could create something similar yourself! Le2 X620 Custom ROM Tutorial
  16. Multirom 13s (LP) ROM Russified EUI OS firmware for TWRP Recovery. Firmware only translated, cleaned from the Chinese software and unnecessary services, no extra buns and programs. ROOT integrated, keyboard and gapps missing, install separately through recovery. Made a big photo on the call screen, the author of the decision scorp_ic. For now this ROM is for VIP users only.
  17. Hello, Good News, new rom with ota update : http://download.mokeedev.com/?device=le_x2
  18. https://mega.nz/#!kUk3CQDD!N5gaquR62xCQ4XhnNKTwpp-4ptAyMb78cV7Udbk6kUk
  19. ----------------------------------------------------this is betas, this roms for testing only. not for everyday using------------------------------------------------------------------- Le 2 / Pro-574D Developer Edition | EUI5.9 |fingerprint navigation | suspension ball | videophone |voice assistant | theme crack | music refers beat |Le toolbox Developer (original source) http://www.ydss.cn/space-uid-2598320.html EUI5.9-567D Update [voice assistant] new voice assistant (voice assistant need to learn before they can use, oh, about her own) HomeTime new HoneTime (can call video phone) [suspension ball ] new suspension ball (in the settings - accessibility open) [press the key lamp is lit long] new key lamp is lit long (in settings - accessibility settings) [Note] calls flash new call flash Tip (set in the contacts can be opened) international roaming optimal adjustment (providing high-quality outbound roaming traffic services may be provided - Two cards and mobile network settings) [boot] wizard other services targeting permissions added GPS positioning [ eye mode] support eye mode (in the settings - display in settings) [EUI] information network for the first time into the SMS alert is turned EUI network information [Gallery] new open cloud services and so on. Own experience [Music Toolbox ] remove hidden applications on the repaired version of the problem can not be modified DPI [shop] theme theme payment optimization interface (themes / fonts downloaded after the break, there can also be used locally without secondary cracks before applying) [ butler] to optimize the excess garbage remind saver further optimized to increase long standby function [browser] optimization 360 browser UC QQ browser European friends browser and other browsers start speed [video] optimization iqiyi PPTV Youku Tencent video various video startup speed optimization music maps and other .... modify the CPU frequency when the game, play the game more fluid (eg: CF king cool running game balls, etc. Version 567D Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!H99RjJpa!3OmBltjs68ifVK1xjwqUMjeJNsYXHjVtJ0tLnVUa8ZY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EUI5.9-572D Update Le toolbox CPU core set and the freezer compartment! LAY team from @ Lengyu Ye Great God works without permission is prohibited steal, otherwise bestowed processing! ● New xposed frame assembly custom installation or uninstallation ● Support xposed frame (module essential artifact) ● frame module: Open Music Toolbox → → xposed framework module, in which those modules tick restart on the line ● Support Model camouflage (camouflages QQ space to talk about the tail, what line to change anything, you need to brush into xposed frame assembly) ● new Dolby sound inlet (sound more powerful) ● support dual open applications ● support freezer (freeze or uninstall any application required) ● support Wifi password to view (you can view the connection over WIFI password) ● color temperature debugging (adjustable various colors) ● support for a key to clear the memory (can clean up all background applications) ● Music Toolbox increase performance monitoring ● newturbo download ● DPI value added custom modifications ● Add call flash (enabled by default, can be set up - in close accessibility) ● support button light switch ● support cpu core functionality, it can freely open nuclear ● supports advanced power restart to brush machine model ● increase engineering mode shortcut entrance Version 572D Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!eokVWJTL!OHVzgTqT2XBhcGgp4Hd0BlE1OHFInbwEQiYcmUGSd6E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EUI5.9-574D Update [theme] store new charges relating to free access to five minutes [task] background repair mission to clean up the background, you can not enter the locked software problems optimization tasks background Caton problem [expression] controls large expressions and small separate expression show expression store Add banner [other] optimization fluency supports split-screen functions, the developer options open. (Personal use is not recommended Version 574 Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!b4ERmLQY!BWjIjdkvH2brUN6MA6yn-uzpMJOdfzWTP8AOZ14rp7I Version 591 Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!25k22QYD!ocw-r1rEv9Z69SSHAHBUoVtR9oC5N3AUaJv161OL-2o Version 595 Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!To1SzaKI!FuQoq25HmrgmtpgDtzGdBTmIo_Bi-RH_1xBfyV9YotI Version 598 Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!3h8AAZza!1chBRW71zwF1yZCBbrL1xIqtqUdBg3ZneeFUZr-93eg

    Download Has anyone tested the new EXODUS Rom? http://www.needrom.com/download/exodus-rom-by-mdsteamletv-us-e Comments... source
  21. Source: http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-719371-1-1.html It's a beta v2, stable for daily use 12.03 Beta v2 Mega Link Based on the official 12.02 latest push EUI5.9-020S closed beta stable version of the production 20S closed beta second edition update description: Update log: 【housekeeper】 Add an application acceleration box 【Fingerprint and Password】 Added Lotto Shot 【Accessibility】 Add a new ball Adds the duration of the button light [Music Toolbox ] Added status bar customization 【other】 Repair the first version of several BUG Other optimization etc ... 【Theme Store】 Theme fonts are free to use (Usage: Click the trial option, then enter the System Settings - Freeze theme store, you can achieve long-term trial.) Join the full ROOT Retains the weather, application store (App Store required in system / app / LetvStore inside the LetvStore.apk.bak to LetvStore.apk restart it) Remove the headlines from the desktop and enjoy it Retention preference backup, for some users to restore the software data The Net Speed Display (Steward - Flow Control - Flow Settings) is on 【Settings】 interface to increase and music toolbox and freezer, intelligent recording screen Hosts block some ads Modify the desktop Live button to lock the screen Increase the RE Manager (well uninstall the built-in software) Streamline the official a large number of useless software and resources, more memory more power Preservation of music video, music, search, search, compass, remote control, butler and other practical tools Built-in 4 software, you can not in the settings in the freeze or uninstall delete, restart (hope to help activate and then delete Oh) Power saving tips: Close a variety of software since Kai, delete some useless built-in software, do not install too many XP plug-ins, can not tick the best not to activate, so much power Developers option / the animation zoom off, so more fluid CPU core settings and freezer! LAY team from @ Lengyu Ye Great God, without permission is prohibited steal, otherwise bestowed processing! ● Support xposed framework component custom installation or uninstallation ● support xposed frame (module must artifact) ● frame module: Open Music Toolbox → xposed framework → module, in which those modules tick restart on the line ● support model camouflage (QQ space can pretend to talk about tail, what to change anything, need to brush into the xposed framework components) ● support for Dolby sound entry (sound quality is more robust) ● Support for freezer rooms (which can freeze or unload any unwanted applications) ● Support Wifi password view (you can view the connected WIFI password) ● support for memory release (after the release of large memory, 4G can be left 3G, 3G can be left 2G) ● Music Toolbox adds performance monitoring ● Added Turbo download ● Add a custom modification of the DPI value ● Add a flash of incoming calls (turned on by default, can be turned off in Settings - Accessibility) ● Support Viper Sound ● support cpu core functions, can be free to open nuclear ● Support advanced power, restart to Brush mode ● Add shortcut entry to project mode 11.20 Beta v2 Link 11.15 Beta v1 Mega Link
  22. On this port of firmware, radio and IR remote not work. For now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Note: The ROM before and spend a lot of time and energy to improve, hopes to learn from friends respect the fruits of labor, thanks! [Release Notes] Be sure to carefully read the contents of this post before the brush! The ROM for mobile telecommunications Unicom users! The ROM-based package overseas transplant Default global merger ODEX Perfect break theme without XPOSED Finally cracked under the support of the entire network in a case relating to Exclusive repair Pages error problem WIFI repair status bar shortcut error problem Illustrated retention lock screen Overseas restrictions removed Replace weather, calendar domestic source Removing unwanted packages overseas suite Google Repair music as TYPE-C headset answer function Normal fingerprint identification, fingerprint unlock support, application and fingerprint lock switch avatar Normal fast charging, charging bright screen supports exclusive phone repair spare increase phone loud speaker Crack the system core signature millet account properly locate phone support cloud services built-in super root privileges removed on the phone - System Update - Advanced settings without permission is prohibited misappropriation - - Enhanced Settings - Power Menu (shutdown, reboot, recovery, etc.) screen assistant (supports multiple functions, support graffiti screenshot) program freeze (freezing the extra program, convenient and practical) Viper sound (powerful audio software) Key switch (control keyboard light) WIFI password (see connected over wifi password) - System Settings - CPU settings (control CPU performance) DPI density setting (adjust the screen display range, the smaller the value, the greater the visible range) Personalized switching desktop layout switching (4x5 4x6 5x5 5x6 layout options) time display (the original, week | time selection) Drop-down search settings (open or closed search) Application settings (open or closed MIUI app store) - Accessibility - Battery Information Engineering mode Information about Original source http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-691140-1-1.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROM Version 6.10.10 Download Link https://mega.nz/#!mwlCTTyb!MfNvPGRA2k4s0_kDsoSH7MJST6VZH1HKH1wCMAbc44I version 6.10.20 Download Link https://mega.nz/#!uolR2SCB!eP6yq4zMT-V9OTG9ePneZ8j3CyWboT34b4CA56OJZG0 Updated version 6.10.28 Download Link https://mega.nz/#!fkdB2ChQ!UxsJCaNN9z0XG6QJk4wUxIjAabFQoKjshhDFg365BEY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWRP TWRP Recovery for this rom (Unzip, click on icon "flash_TWRP.bat") https://mega.nz/#!CoVS0bBQ!gkHyuRMvfiiVbNsBLBy_yeo2at_muJ5P7dqumCVZnv0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Google Play services (google installer install first, and updater, install after reboot phone) Gapps (thank to pete80pro) https://mega.nz/#!z40CybaK!R547DOli2xdCtf3lA8s9DJyOh9d0d12wxPYQngcaTjY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uninstall china apps https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kunkunsoft.rootuninstaller --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. TWRP for 16s, 17s and 18s. (Thank to 4pda forum) If you need, install after installation of this ROM, for restore your data, if something went wrong. https://mega.nz/#!ykdVzBwb!Vcy66_PgDySdKAoUuXfoa0KBtCYnNfosCZNHfC4PLjk Unzip, click on icon "flash_TWRP.bat", or "flash_STOCK.bat" if you want stock recovery.
  23. Please tell me in depth how to install stock rom i had read the guide..but when i press the volume + and connect the phone with pc ... The loading of rom stay zero...and nothing happened...this pic is after 50 mins from process
  24. MULTI

    All Credits Goes To Nishant Singh Android Open PsYcHo Source Download Best ROM available yet for the LeTV Le 1S...way better than EUi... FINGERPRINT SCANNER DOESN'T WORK. Heating drastically reduced! __What YoU GEt __ New Bootanimation ClearMotion Miravision MULTI LANGUAGE Camera works 100% autofocus!!!! ROOT NO Fingerprint Etc