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  1. Hy guys, its me again. I just surfed on the internet, and found a very good 'stock' rom for my Letv One Pro US . I just think i share with us. Its better than the original update.zip and all of cuoco92 rom too.. I just use it 2 days and everything is work well. Double tap is in the rom, find it in accessibility section. Here is a link for forum: 4PDA.ru and here 4PDA.ru If you dont wanna search, here is the download link: Drive or Mega.nz If your download is done, the password is: maks232723 1. You can now put the files somewhere on your desk. 2. Boot the phone in Fastboot mode ( push power and volume down key 30sec ) 3. In the unpacked folder click Flash.bat and follow the instructions. 4. Wait until it done, and the phone reboots. 5. Done. Enjoy and profit! If you wanna use my another project too, the Better kernel for x800 US is work on this rom too, you can get 5 hours of screen on time, with fast and smooth device. This is not my work. Every credits are for cheltemov on 4PDA.ru If you like my work, please donate me -> paypal: aureeel@ymail.com ( y! because its yahoo..:) ) Cheers - Aurel
  2. All the credits go to bobN / Шпунтик , free to try MIUI v - Double.Tap.to.Wake All working , multilang , routed , gapps installed , MIUI 8.0 Stable (LHMCNDG) based on Android 5.0.2 INSTALL 1 - Reboot in TWRP Recovery 2 - Wipe Data, cache and Dalvik!!! (leave System) 3 - Install Rom (5 min) 4 – Reboot (first boot is 6min (max. 10min)) Enjoy ! Download link : https://mega.nz/#!aQIxDaBZ Decrypt Key : !ON5Gilo_hCQMRWvqPNCFYkWlqhBVvkOFjQA6yaudGgw or :Miui_X600-608_8.0.2.0-DoubleTap-bobN.zip or : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_XXcDF4Ymf-Vk43MER3dnpQaFE/view?usp=sharing Miui_X600-608_8.0.2.0-DoubleTap-bobN.zip
  3. Source Mega Link No big changes since the 12.18 Version - but this is official stable 20s release! Use TWRP for it! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!! 20S official stability update Description: Feature Highlights Add the Leafshot function Using the development version of the drawer desktop Add Voice Assistant Hide my music, can be entered from the settings inside 【Theme Store】 Theme fonts are free to use (How to use: Click on the Trial Options and go to the Settings - Uninstall and Freeze themed stores to get a permanent trial.) 【Setting】 New ball function 【housekeeper】 Optimization of junk files over the notification reminder Add an application acceleration box to help improve application performance and fluency New hierarchical power saving mode, optimize energy-saving program 【Gallery】 Add a large head stickers to add beauty effect Add a picture to annotate punctuation Add the "My" tab page Added the ability to collage pictures Add a daily punch card Add Smart Stickers 【information】 Optimize card-based information to cover more scenes Added support for marking messages as unread Add keywords that can be set to block spam 【Contact Dialing】 Adds the function of setting incoming call flash 【mail】 Optimized recipient mailboxes can be automatically matched and stored by the first letter 【calendar】 Optimize the time to receive other people's invitation to support the dynamic time to add reminders Added bulletin board function Add Calendar Month View dropdown to show more 【One-touch replacement】 Optimizes the import progress Added support for importing app data Added support for importing Wi-Fi setup data Added support for synchronous micro message data 【My Music】 Added support for quick login and registration New growth value system 【wallpaper】 Optimize layout display styles Add a Service Statement & Infringement Complaint option 【Theme Store】 Optimize font replacement without restarting 【wallet】 Optimize the payment interface display effect New financial management services 【Yellow Pages】 New fast service entrance, support courier service and ticket inquiries Add my dynamic card to view order activity 【User Manual】 Add Suggestions Square 【Browser】 Optimize the effect when you switch the font size New browser support multi-process function, effectively reduce the number of browser crashes Added no map mode, only Wi-Fi display pictures 【Calculator】 Add scientific calculator entry Join the full ROOT Keep the weather, the application store (application store in the system / app / LetvStore inside LetvStore.apk.bak LetvStore.apk to restart it) Remove the headlines from the desktop and enjoy it Retention preference backup, for some users to restore the software data The Net Speed Display (Steward - Flow Control - Flow Settings) is on 【Settings】 interface to increase and music toolbox and freezer, intelligent recording screen Hosts block some ads Modify the desktop Live button to lock the screen Increase the RE Manager (well uninstall the built-in software) Streamline the official a large number of useless software and resources, more memory more power Preservation of music video, music, search, search, compass, remote control, butler and other practical tools Built-in 4 software, you can not in the settings in the freeze or uninstall delete, restart (hope to help activate and then delete Oh) Power saving tips: Close a variety of software since Kai, delete some useless built-in software, do not install too many XP plug-ins, can not tick the best not to activate, so much power Developers option / the animation zoom off, so more fluid CPU core settings and freezer! From the LAY team @ cold rain night God, without permission, to prohibit the use of theft, or chase deal! ● Support xposed framework component custom installation or uninstallation ● support xposed frame (module must artifact) ● frame module to use: Open the toolbox → xposed frame → module, which in the module to restart the tick on the line ● support model camouflage (QQ space can pretend to talk about tail, what to change anything, need to brush into the xposed framework components) ● support for Dolby sound entry (sound quality is more robust) ● Support for freezer rooms (which can freeze or unload any unwanted applications) ● Support Wifi password view (you can view the connected WIFI password) ● support for memory release (after the release of large memory, 4G can be left 3G, 3G can be left 2G) ● Music Toolbox adds performance monitoring ● Added Turbo download ● Add a custom modification of the DPI value ● Add a flash of incoming calls (turned on by default, can be turned off in Settings - Accessibility) ● support Viper sound ● support cpu core functions, can be free to open nuclear ● Support advanced power, restart to Brush mode ● Customize the status bar ● Add shortcut entry to project mode
  4. MIUI v8 Stable Multilang! -- All Lang at screens!!! Older versions of modems attached DOWNLOAD NEEDROM Installation 1 - download ROM to device 2 - boot in recovery 3 - Wipe DATA, CACHE, DALVIK 4 - reboot in recovery 5 - install ROM LeTV+x600+Modem+53+to+all+ROM.zip LeTV+x600+Modem+65+to+all+ROM.zip LeTV+x600+Modem+v80+to+all+ROM.zip
  5. * port version, not just add multilanguage * all languge surport * google suite built-in * crack sign verification * rooted download
  6. http://bbs.ydss.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=680014&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D3357 This Version is very smooth! Maybe anyone can upload on mega for this site! Thanks! Google Play working fine After Installation.
  7. 15S (STABLE) STOCK ROM IS ALREADY HERE ! You can download the stock rom here : http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_max.html Direct link : http://g3.letv.cn/201/3/81/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20160706191623505/MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5801507013S-5.8.015S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 Rename the file to "update" before installation. If your x900 don't find the update file : download my update and open the Read-me text. 15S Custom Rom by Sister aa : http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-648179-1-1.html Mega download link : https://mega.nz/#!11VRCCCB!jTk6AWMiXn5aZ5Bk_KyD3VUFGd8-VICsB8Qo6uYZyOU My test : sister aa 15s When passing to Android 6.0, you will loose any data, even if you don't select interne storage wipe. So you have to backup all your data ! Contact/Picture/Music/etc.. I have fash twice this rom. First flash : no root access (as beta 15s rom). I had the root access during the second time. I have install the Swiftkey apk to add google account and more setting, because the stock keyboard is half english/chinese. You have to add google apk : download this file and install the apk in this order : 1-2-3-4-5-6. No problem, it's working fine. Use root app deleter to remove all chinese apk.
  8. MIUI Stable For LeTV Le1 (X600X608) ROOTED!!! XPOSED!!! BUSYBOX!!! DOLBY ATMOS!!! KERNEL ADIUTOR!!! GAPPS!!! SELINUX!!! INIT.D!!! KERNEL TWEAKS!!! HDR OPTIMISATION!!! Multilang! – All Lang at screens!!! Installation DO NOT WIPE /system PARTITION Factory Reset ("/data, /cache, /dalvik-cache") Flash ROM DO NOT FLASH SUPERSU DO NOT FLASH DOLBY ATMOS DO NOT FLASH XPOSED 69290c9f55d76e1184b8d7b4fde5ef31 *miui_multi_X600_7.5.1.0_v7-5.0.zip 3cff8243d0c3ecc7c6aa208fb0437cc1 *miui_multi_x600_V7.5.3.0_v7-5.0.zip LINKS Mail.ru cload - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/6782/7y6hxbNZW Mail.ru cload - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/EL5n/GGptYXqYv 4PDA Link - http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=678677&view=findpost&p=51512903 NEEDROM - http://www.needrom.com/download/le1-miui-stable-multilanguage/
  9. EN/CN

    Download ★ Update instructions Brushes must read before: 1, the ROM is only 1S X500 test theory applies to Crown Princess 2, use the sticky third party recovery flush, brush with other third-party ZIP package 3, in order to avoid loss of data, we strongly recommend that you do a backup of critical data 4, if this is the first flush, make sure you clear the data and system data 5, if there is a yellow box, turn off the USB debug reset 6, the weight of the stolen bags party "Update" The ROM is based on the official EUI5.8 (Android6.0) inside of the official stable 15Sversion, thanks friend Le provide end of Eco package Built-in full ROOT permissions Exclusive removal of desktop LIVE icons Exclusive LIVE compilation for a key lock screen function Removing music videos that bucket Add kernel init.d startup Add BusyBox components Adds performance management Merged portion of the program by ODEX Compile the status bar style for IOS Cracking the system core signature LAY the advanced settings supports automatic immerse, LAY team work, without allowing the prohibition of theft, if you have references please indicate the source!! Some source code from the Pixie great God, thanks, removing excess functions, tomeet much of the demand. Utility functions Assistant, long press the screen to have much content, support graffiti screenshots Eye mode, reducing eye of the cell phone damage Flash notifications, messages will be reminded via Flash, remove all checked for close V4 sound, adjust the system sound Double-click awakens, achieved through sensors, automatic learning Programs freezing, freezing programs running in the background, reducing power consumption and the deposit takes up Key switch, turn on or off the key lights View, view the connection over WIFI WIFI password password, copy System enhancements Increase or reduce the screen DPI settings, modify the DPI field, the smaller field ofvision greater attention to rational use CPU settings, adjust the CPU performance Supporting USB mount mode, selecting means of connecting computers Engineering mode, modify the system parameters, carefully applied How to install Gapps : -Gapp not included. Download THIS FILE1 - Delete all google app : Google Account Manager / Google Services Framerowk / Google Play Service / Google calandar sync / Google contact sync / Google Play2 - Open GAPPs manual 6.0.5, install all apk in this order : 1-2-3-4-5-6.3 - Reboot, and it's done ! source
  10. S1_x600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5501102061S-5.5.011S on the lemi bbs Server for download available. http://g3.letv.cn/183/32/19/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20160224215232993/S1_x600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5501102061S-5.5.011S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 OTA Update also available.