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New Miui version 01/04/2017

Posted (edited)

Hello there, introducing a torally new miui version by ycjeson for snapdragon 652 version of Le 2 (Le x520, x526, x527, S3 snapdragon). Will keep on updating the links as ycjeson kindly provides us new roms....
Miui 8 android marshmallow

Version : - 01/04/2017
Totally bugless
Brightness issue solved
Fingerprint working
IR blaster working
Super smooth
Bugless totally
Just VoLTE not working on jio sim
Otherwise totally suitable for daily drivers

Rom Link :-


Version :- Marshmallow
Status :- Beta
Phone Version :- Global
Languages :- English, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, spanish, french, Italian etc.......
Requirements :- atleast 4GB empty space, bootloader unlocked, Custom recovery(TWRP official or Ycjeson or Multirom twrp recommended), atleast 70% battery before flashing is required.....

Process :- unlock bootloader, flash any of the recoveries given below, boot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset, flash rom, reboot, enjoy.....


For Gapps :- use gapps installer for miui link given here, do not try flashing gapps zips. Install from miui gapps installer, and then using system app mover(link given), convert all gapps to system except *google play services*, let it be a user app and the  gapps will work finely

Disclaimer :- I am not the author of rom, just tried and sharing it. In any case of software problem like bricking, boot loop, dead phone you can't blame me for that and also not the author. The rom is only for snapdragon 652 version for LeEco phone x520, x527, x526, S3, S2 and etc.... Do not try on mediatek based Le phones...

Links :- Gapps installer for miui 

System app mover

Xposed v86 for this MiUi

Multirom recovery

YcJeson recovery

Multirom manager by rishabh rao

Credits :- 
Ycjeson for Rom
Mi team for gapps installer nd miui
Rishabh rao for modified Multirom
Google for android
LeEco for providing such a good phone...
And me.....and all of you

Edited by Hetbhai

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but there are TOO MANY chinese app 

can I  (and in wich mode ) :

  • root this ROM
  • uninstall chinese-APP ( also browser )
  • UNroot ROM

....or to have VERY light ROM multilanguage MIUI version...



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I TRYed also with  miui 15-04-17 ycjeson.zip  and my Opinion are:

a) miui 15-04-17 ycjeson.zip - is NOT GLOBAL : I must to use Morelocal2 for to have ITALIAN LANGUAGE ( not present anyone of european language)
b) when start HOTSPOT : MIUI restart ...and HotSpot not starting - this is a GREAT problem
c) THERE ARE 4, 5 chinese app : I must to disable them notifications

and my questions : 

> can I UNROOT it ?

in previous ROM-versione I used https://goo.gl/fREOMV ....but with this versione....not working

and....if I want back to ROOTed ..... what I must use ?

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Only FYI :

with MIUIpro 7.9.21 I resolved all my problem 

I wait port from XIAOMI-EU MIUI-7.9.21 for to have also installiamo language (actually there are some problems for to flash it with MULTIROM) 

...but, I'm happy : have a make final GOAL :-) 



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