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[MTK X20 ROM] MIUI8 7.11 Refined Edition Advanced Settings Exclusive Black Domain Performance Adjustment Layout Switching Quality for Long Use

Posted (edited)

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Music as 2 MIUI8 refined version


▼ Current Preface


D-ROM only for good use of ROM
Support infrared thanks YC Xiaojie


▼ ROM introduction


  • Exclusive built-in black field
  • Add mobile performance control options to support three modes of operation: power saving mode, standard mode, performance mode
  • Support performance settings, can set the CPU operating mode, the minimum frequency, the maximum frequency
  • Support power saving assistant, support performance limit switch, CPU work count customization, GPU frequency setting
  • Support power-saving assistant switch, you can set the amount of electricity remaining when the automatic power-saving
  • Support CPU power saving switch
  • Join the harmony hosts online update
  • Add a key to install busybox
  • Join the status bar The time style defaults to the official original, week time, year time lunar hours
  • Join the system to streamline the functionality to have a modest streamlined simplification
  • Add ad to mask hosts
  • Added temperature control disable function
  • Add init.d support (if no folder to create their own)
  • Add a key to clean up the subsequent upgrade to regular cleaning
  • Newly added xp module, QX, WX, window multitasking
  • Join the system engineering model entry
  • IOS status bar switch
  • IOS animation switch
  • A key to modify the model for the 60fps king glory high frame rate
  • Added drop-down quick layout switch
  • Re-write CPU tuning, optimized for specific models
  • Add desktop lunar display
  • Added a very useful WiFi password viewer
  • Upgrade the Xposed frame to V87, thanks @SolarWarez
  • Add CPU performance control, you can set the highest CPU, power, the core fully open
  • D settings to add "developer options", directly into the
  • Added DPI custom switch function, and display the current DPI value, restart effective
  • Added a very useful screen assistant
  • Remove the MIUI system protection, now free to delete such as "application store" and the like system program
  • Add the "Disable", "Hide" switch to the drop-down status bar search box, and hide the search box by default
  • D settings added advanced power menu, shutdown, reboot to RECOVER, restart fastboot, reboot  
  • In the "D settings" to add the system shortcut portal function, developer options, USB mount, power information
  • Add MIUI layout switch, the default 4x5 4x6 5x5 5x6
  • Add a practical keyboard light control, and is still valid after the restart (enabled, after 5s automatically turn off the keyboard again)
  • Full ROOT permissions, the use of standard SuperSU as an authorization tool (can be supersu the bottom of the pro version enabled function)
  • Add the boot animation display, the default open boot animation
  • Add the virtual key of the relevant switch, the default close the virtual button (restart effective)
  • Add the system signature crack function
  • Added system Lite, you can disable unwanted system programs to get more available memory
  • Add battery calibration, you can clear the battery information is very practical
  • Add text custom, can replace any text within the APP information
  • Add desktop lunar calendar, alarm clock, weather information display
  • Add a model camouflage plugin
  • Add program freeze function to freeze user applications and system applications
  • Add a green guard




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the link doesnt work... hows the battery life and can u please add more screenshots!!

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12 saat önce, Edmond Kodra yazdı:

the link doesnt work... hows the battery life and can u please add more screenshots!!

Update download link, please try again.

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Posted (edited)

Don´t think so, seems to be "development-Version" so it maybe only Chinese/English, 


Try this one, it´s multi with all languages



Edited by kingoftf

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Download link not working, can you pls update the link or Mega. Thanks

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